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Celebrating History: Elections take center stage


Last updated 10/28/2016 at 7:52pm

Things were very busy in Havre this week 100 years ago. Certain parcels of land once belonging to the former Fort Assinniboine were open for homestead filing, keeping U. S. Commissioner C. B. Elwell very busy. The same C. B. Elwell would later become a well-respected judge of the 12th Judicial District.

Of course, elections were taking center stage throughout the United States, and Havre was of no exception. Speeches and presentations were taking place throughout the city, and a product sold at Boone’s Drug Store was also getting into the act. This article appeared on the front page of The Havre Plaindealer’s Oct. 28, 2016 issue:


In Straw Vote taken at Boone Drug Store

All drug stores in the United States handling the products of the United Drug Company, or the Rexall line, started on Tuesday to take a straw vote among their customers as to their choice for president. Over eight thousand stores are conducting the poll, and each will display the total result at the end of the six day period. These stores are located in all parts of the country, and the outcome of the vote will give a good indication as to the result at the polls in November. Of course, no provision is made by the stores in question as to “repeaters,” but none will have reason to question the integrity of its customers in that manner.

At Boone’s drug store the results thus far indicate a 2 to 1 choice for the re-election of President Wilson over Mr. Justice Hughes of New York. On Tuesday the vote was 119 for Wilson and 57 for Hughes; Wednesday it was 53 for Wilson and 31 for Hughes; and on Thursday 30 for Wilson and 14 for Hughes, making the total for the three days 202 for Wilson against 102 for Hughes. On the first day Benson, the socialist candidate, received three votes.

Results of each day’s poll are wired to the home office of the United Drug company in Boston, and from that office at the end of six days will come a telegraphic report of the outcome at the more than eight thousand stores carrying the poll.

Havre’s growth and progress continued to flourish. The site where the Lyric Theatre stood, also known as the former McIntyre Opera House, had sold for a tidy sum to Security Bank. The building was located right across Second Street from the Havre Commercial Company, which was also experiencing growth:


N. T. Lease of Great Falls, who has the contract for the erection of the addition to the building of the Havre Commercial company, is in the city on business in connection with that structure. Work on the building has been greatly delayed through the non-arrival of reinforcing steel, but this material reached Havre the first of the week and Mr. Lease has placed a double shift on the structure in order to have it under roof before the winter weather sets in.

With anything like the usual favorable weather, the building will be ready for occupancy about the first of the year.

Parties and gatherings were starting to pick up again in our busy little town. The Plaindealer’s Society column had the following entries:

Dinner for Departing Havreites.

Mrs. G. J. Bonine and Mrs. Jos. T. Berthelote were joint hostess on Wednesday evening at the home of the former, at a dinner party in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Haglund, who left Thursday for their future home in Minneapolis.

Covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs. Haglund, Webber, Rathbone, Devine, Bonine, Webber, Miss Alice Webber, and Messrs. Ted Berthelote and Albert Haglund.

Mrs. Haglund was the recipient of a handsome and useful leather writing portfolio, presented by the ladies of the party.

Mrs. Haglund was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Webber and lived in Havre since her childhood. Mr. Haglund had worked for the Clack company in Havre.

Wilson Club Received.

An informal reception of the Women’s Woodrow Wilson club was held Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Exelia Pepin, on Third Avenue.

After a short business session, a fine musical program was enjoyed, contributed by Mesdames Devlin, Choquette, Turgeon and Messrs Armstrong, McCarthy and Kopps.

The hostess served refreshments to a large number of guests.

Box Party at Orpheum.

Mrs. Guy Moore of Stanley, N. D., was honor guest at a box party given in the Orpheum Thursday evening with Mrs. J. J. Blair as hostess. Following the show the guests were conducted to the Blair home on Third Avenue, where they enjoyed a delicious lunch. Hallowe’en decorations were profusely used throughout the rooms and upon the table, the guest list was made up of Mesdames Moore, McArthur, Clarke, Lange, Williams and Miss Harriet Carrier.

The Women’s Club was also getting into the Halloween spirit:


A Hallowe’en tea is to be given by the Women’s Club Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock at the public library, followed by lunch and the decorations will be in keeping with the day. Everybody is invited and an urgent invitation is extended to the men of Havre in particular.


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