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February 16, 2017

In the past, our state deptartment and the United Nations have made the bold declaration that Israel must give back Eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank. Absurd! Remember, in 1967 five countries came against Israel, Israel won the war and also added the West Bank. Remember the war we had with Mexico? We added Texas. Should we give Texas back to Mexico? Absurd!

Israel is 70 percent Jewish. Other Israelis are Arabs who are secular, others are Christians, and peaceful Muslims. I have volunteered in Israel several times. I see the mix of people riding the bus, having picnics in the parks, shopping together in the stores. Only the Jihad Muslims, the PLO, are policing the Temple Mount so only a Muslim can put their foot there. If Israel would give up Eastern Jerusalem then none of us would ever see the Wailing Wall, the Garden Tomb, Mount Calvary, or the city of David. The PLO declares to the world that none of that ever happened. How absurd! 

Look at Gaza. To gain peace, Gaza was given to another Jihad group, Hamas. I saw the the clip of them destroying the last synagogue. Men were dragging the rabbi to a bus. When land is given to them, no outsider is allowed, Muslims only. Then they use their position to kill as many Jews as they can. How can we call that peace?

The Knesset, the ruling center, is in central Jerusalem. The Muslims have two political parties represented there. The PLO cannot cooperate with their “brothers.” 

The city planners in Jerusalem are not only expecting to build many new apartment buildings which are badly needed. They have plans for a mega campus for vocational training. Just think of all the jobs, the homes and training that will be there for the Palestinians, as well as anyone else who desires to come.

Haron Hummel



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