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Out Our Way:

The Gospel According to Goliath: Cows in Beaver Creek


March 24, 2017

Mark 12:35-40

Out our way, the time after Labor Day can be hazardous in Beaver Creek, especially at night. For, as us locals know, after Labor Day local ranchers lease the grass lands and run their cows on open range. Nothing like a black Angus standing in the road on an overcast night for excitement - especially if you are driving too fast.

Of course, there are those who think they know better and ignore the precaution signs, zooming down the road at 70 mph - because they "know" cows are behind fences and not on roadways.  And the body shops and hospital get extra business - and the local butcher gets extra  hamburger.

In the text Goliath picked for the week, Jesus was sending up precautionary warning signs about "know it all" religious leaders. "How can the Son of David also be David's Lord?" (Psalm110:1) he asked.

The "son of David" is a term applied to the Messiah - and yet David calls Him Lord in the Psalm.   

That the Messiah is a descendant of David is clear from the prophecies and all agreed on that - but yet David refers to Him as his master and Lord.

The answer is, of course, the incarnation of Christ, son of David but also Son of God. The "experts" didn't want to accept that and, despite all the evidence, signs and wonders God had sent in Christ, still refused to see what was right in front of them

Yet these same experts could read into scriptures and prophecies their own interpretations that had no basis what so ever in God's word. They got huge donations to their synagogues and personal ministries from people were vulnerable - so that family inheritance that could and should have gone to help the widows and chidren of the deceased went into their pockets instead. They became wealthy in "God's Name" and dressed in rich robes while other faithful followers of the Lord were in rags and starving.

No wonder Jesus had more sympathy for the ignorant pagans and prostitutes than for the rich, so-called "experts" who quoted scripture but hadn't a clue of God's nature or will.

There are those who consider themselves "experts" behind the wheel of their trucks and fancy cars - but aren't smart enough to slow down on the curves on Beaver Creek Park after Labor Day.


John Bruington and Goliath serve First Presbyterian Church in Havre.


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