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Pastor's Corner: What would happen if we took responsibility?


October 20, 2017

Fall is upon us, the seasons they are a-changing, and change is in the air. Can we say the same for ourselves?

Our world is a mess, our country is a mess, and so are our states and our cities. We have become a world and society where everything is someone else’s fault, and we don’t take responsibility or accountability for what we as individuals say or do.

What would you say, though, if I tell you this is nothing new? In fact, it has its roots in the third chapter of Genesis verses 12 and 13 — the man blames the woman and the woman blames the snake and so it began. Unfortunately, this blame game has become epidemic, and while they are out there, we rarely hear of those who actually take responsibility and accountability for what they have said or done.

I wonder what it would be like if instead of folks blaming others they actually took responsibility and accountability and it was publicized as such? What kind of ripple effect could that have, not only here locally, but regionally and ultimately globally? Maybe then we could actually get to not only the 10 Commandments but the greatest commandments and live them out. And before anyone calls Pastor Mac a hypocrite, yes, I too have work to do in this area, as I too am a sinner.


The Rev. William D. “Mac” McGrew

Pastor, Van Orsdel United Methodist Church


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