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Letter to the Editor - Billing problems tip of iceberg at Rocky Boy


October 20, 2017


One reason Rocky Boy is millions and millions of dollars in unaccountable accounts goes to problems like this.

I always pay my water bill. I got a receipt for this month and was billed “again” a few days later. I smiled, knowing someone was going to catch it for this, being I am he American Indian Movement leader here in Lil Russia, aka the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation. When I asked how such a thing can happen, they told me “we have no permenant bookkeeper.” I said, “What, no permanent bookkeeper for accounts payable? Why do you operate like the Stone Ages in the first place?”

You wouldn’t have this problem with online billing. When people don’t question the “over-billing,” it gets stolen when the books are straightened out. A very easy method to do such, to be sure. I hope people out here see why we are many millions in the hole. Just one instance and the tip of the iceberg in Lil Russia. The more one digs, the more one finds out. Keep digging, Inspector General or better yet, contact me for more uncovered truths here you didn’t get to yet.

Russell Houle Sr.

Rocky Boy

North Central Montana American Indian Movement     


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