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Letter to the Editor - Veterans, thank you for your service


November 10, 2017

Throughout all of human history there has never been a greater country than the United States. The founding of our nation was built on one simple idea; that rights come from God. That no individual or assembly of individuals can take these rights away and that we, as people, have the duty and the obligation to fight to protect these rights. This seemingly simple, yet profound idea changed the world.

As a country we have fought to uphold these rights for everyone around the globe. We have buried generations of our nation’s best and bravest in the name of freedom and a better tomorrow. We have battled across all four corners of the globe to free mankind from despotism and misery. We have, as a nation, been the greatest force for good in the history of the world.

We hear almost daily from academics, from media pundits and bloggers, and from millionaires in the NFL that the United States has had no positive impacts on the world. That we are wrong in our belief that America is, and has always been, the shining city upon a hill. While it may perturb these self-appointed elites to learn this, their opinion has no power and no sway upon any rational individual.

We, as proud Americans, stand for our flag and kneel only to our creator. We honor our veterans’ sacrifices and proudly and loudly exclaim that America is the greatest nation in all of human history. That we vow to continue the work of the generations that came before us and that we will unapologetically continue to uphold our founding principles and fight for what is just, what is right and what is moral. Every year on Veterans Day we are reminded of the ideals that must be protected and the sacrifices that are required to defend what we all hold so dear. May God bless our veterans and their families. 

Russell Fagg, Billings

Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate


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