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Cody Four Colors Memorial Bull Ride honored by the BRC


December 15, 2017

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Luanne and Jerry Four Colors, middle, are presented with an award for the Cody Four Colors Memorial Bull Ride, which won Bull Rider's Canada Event of the Year for 2017. The event was held in July during the Great Northern Rodeo and Great Northern Fair in Havre. The Four Colors traveled to the BRC Finals to accept the award. Also pictured is BRC President Russell Friend, left, and Austin Nash, right. Nash, from Eckville, Alberta, won the inaugural Cody Four Colors Memorial Bill Ride title.

In just one summer, the Cody Four Colors Memorial Bull Ride has already become a smash hit.

And Bull Riders Canada has confirmed it.

The Great Northern Rodeo was awarded the Event of the Year by the BRC for the Cody Four Colors Memorial Bull Ride held during the 2017 Great Northern Fair.

The Cody Four Colors Memorial Bull Ride held last July was the first of its kind in Havre and was a stop on the BRC Tour, which recently held its year-end championships.

What made the award so special was that the voting was done by bull riders on the tour, and according to BRC's Jennifer Friend, although the voting for this award is open to all members of Bull Riders Canada, the decision for the Event of the Year is mostly left up to the bull rider members as they are the ones who go to most all of the events.

"Specifically for the Havre event, it was the energy of the crowd, the overall feeling of the event and of course, the wonderful food put out by the Four Colors family that the bull riders commented on," Friend said.

The 2017 Cody Four Colors Memorial Bull Ride, named in honor of Cody Four Colors Jr. of Rocky Boy, who passed away in 2015, featured over 15 riders and was one of the top draws for night entertainment at this past year's Great Northern Fair.

Luanne and Jerry Four Colors accepted the award at the BRC Finals earlier this fall.


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