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Hello God. It's me, Mara

Story of the inn


December 22, 2017

 Lord, just sharing: author and date, unknown.

“Our inn was at the edge of town — we heard the noisy throng move down, and as they came I saw Pa frown. We heard a tired ‘Hello!’ call; a woman on a donkey small, the man adjusted her wool shawl. ‘We’ve traveled many miles this day; have you a room for us to stay? All inns are full on this tax day.’

“My Papa looked so sad at him. ‘We have no room and day grows dim.’ The man turned ’way with look so grim. The woman — no, a girl! — did sigh, it sounded like a muffled cry, to such a little one as I.

“They turned to go but Pa called, ‘Wait! My stable’s warm — beyond that gate! It’s just a cave, it’s not ornate. You’re tired and it’s getting late. Go ’round the inn, and then go straight. I’ll bring you down a supper plate.’

“Then Mama tucked me into bed. I couldn’t hear what Papa said, but something ’bout our guests abed.

“Next morning when the sun came ’round, you should have heard the noisy sound! Ma’s whispers had me all astound! A baby came in dark of night! And news was told by angels bright! The shepherds came to see the sight! It’s chilly out so wear your shawl. They say the baby’s in a stall. ’Twas then I saw the Babe so small. He didn’t have a halo glow. His mama crooned so soft and low. Their love just seemed to overflow.

“Then Zed, the shepherd boy, came in. He softly told how night had been; that this small Babe would take our sin. He was Messiah come at last, with Him no race, no creed, no caste, with Him forever Peace at last.

“I didn’t understand it all because back then I was so small. But now Christ Jesus is my all!”

Love Mara


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