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Hello God. It's me, Mara



January 12, 2018

You know, Lord, watching it snow is fascinating as it falls or twirls around. There’s usually also ice! Oh! Look, more snowflakes falling. It’s told that a snowflake is an ice crystal from a super-cooled cloud!

Remembering back when we were kids (on the ranch), we’d see awesome icicles, we’d see the water ponds near our house and think — frozen over with ripples on the surface?? How did that happen? On our east windows we’d see interesting frost fronds (frost resembling a leaf) and hoarfrost on the clothes line. Most fun was when Daddy showed us frost flowers on the winter-sealed dam when we went to chop a hole so the cattle could drink.

It’s winter — it’s January, a thing of beauty but always a force. We expect snow, ice and frost. Life’s seldom simple in town, farm or ranch. There’s snow drifts and being snowbound; not often heard of this day and age, not usually IN town, but it happened right here not too long ago. The aftereffect was attractive and quite a fascinating idea. Surely other towns have done the same but wasn’t it fun to drive down an avenue with snow piled in the center of the street, some piles as high as a car or even as high as a tall truck!

Then along comes a chinook (which means “snow eater”).  We know air warms as it sinks but dry air warms twice as fast which  is why temperature change caused by the chinook wind is so drastic, sometimes warming as much as 40 degrees in a matter of minutes causing snow to literally vanish. Walking or driving, be careful!

Psalms 147:16-17: “He giveth snow like wool. He scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes. He casteth for His ice like morsels, who can stand before His cold?”

Thank You, Lord, for caring for us in winter.

Love Mara


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