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Storm Duvall's 'Journey to the After Life' featured by Office of Diversity at Northern


January 12, 2018

Courtesy photo

A horse riases its front legs in Storm Duvall's "Journey to the Afterlife," on display this month at Montana State University-Northern's Office of Diversity and Multicultural Programs.

Press release 

To begin Spring Semester 2018, the artist of the month is Storm Duvall. Duvall introduces us to her art work through the piece titled "Journey to the After Life." (Drawing, 8 X 10).

There are three primary themes that emerge in the creations of Duvall - horses, veteran scenes, and Native American artifacts - since Stormy has Apache background.

Duvall was raised in the ranch life and has profound respect and admiration for veterans. In her view, veterans should not be recognized just in November, but they should receive expressions of admiration all year long. Duvall primarily likes to draw with inexpensive materials and also makes tattoo designs.

This piece, "Journey to the After Life," is dedicated to one of her cousins, who served several tours overseas in the military but half of his company didn't make it home on the last tour - his company lost men and women of all colors. When he was having a tough time on Veteran's Day, Duvall said she thought maybe she could cheer him up by drawing this piece.

Duvall applied to join the military when she was in high school but wasn't admitted due to an injury. She said she tries very hard to thank veterans and service members for all they do.

"They risk everything, so we can stay safe here. Unfortunately, many of them come back to no homes, no income, and many of them suffer from PTSD, anxiety and survivors' guilt. I refuse to charge a veteran for any tattoo or artwork because it is the least I can do to say thank you."

She also said that she enjoys designing military pieces because it lets her feel that in some way maybe a veteran will see how much she appreciates what they do for all of us.

Northern's Office of Diversity Awareness and Multicultural Programs invites local and regional artists to exhibit their pieces, preferably those that have some link to multicultural themes. For more information, contact [email protected] or call 265-3589


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