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Letter to the Editor - Tribal official wrong on water situation


February 15, 2018


Curtis Monteau, the statements you made in regard to the water not being out for more then 24 hours is a lie and I can prove that by the first phone call two weeks ago after it was out for five days and again to 911 the second time it was out for four days.

That water is muddy water also, making your last statement appear as dumb as the other statements mentioned so far. I am not going to sit back and allow lies to be spread when I can prove what you’re saying are lies. Also the picture sent to the EPA and newspaper shows just how stupid your last statement is saying the water is milky from chlorine and milky looking. That is mud, plain and simple. I can prove that is mud by more than a picture also by opening up water heaters and that mud settling in there.

Know what you’re talking about before opening your mouth.

Russell Houle Sr.,  North Central Montana American Indian Movement

Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation


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