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Grief Poem - Difficult times


I know, I know, dear one you gone, I know you’ve gone away. 

But God shows me and I thank Him, you’re with me every day.


Our Lord has plans, some big changes; the future’s in His hands.

There’s stress and fears, that’s ‘life’ down here, and that’s just how it stands.


But Our Lord God sends us His love, all day and while we sleep.

When tough times come, we know He cares when our life’s gray and bleak.


We each need Christ to hold us close, each day and every hour.

We could not bear this pain alone without His strength and power.


He calls to us, ‘Come unto Me! Rest to your souls I give.’

We’re weary, Lord, and tired, too, someday with You, we’ll live.


We know, oh, Lord, that You’re with us, as this rough road we walk.

We come to You with all our heart; oh, help us not to balk.


No one has seen our broken heart, no one does realize,

You’re here for us and You do know how hard are those ‘goodbyes’.


Your kindnesses and loving care has healed the ache within.

Oh, thank You, Lord, Your words of life will heal me once again.


With prayer, or song,[1 we’ll honor You, for You are all we’ve got.

We run to You and give You all, for that’s how we’ve been taught.


We’re not to fret ‘bout anything, we are to rest in You!

With boldness, Lord, we run to You, Your love for us is true.


As difficult as grieving is, this path was not our choice,

Lord, You have plans beyond compare, we’ll listen for Your voice.

Feb. 2018 

Prairie Winds

[1] Psalm 42: 8 {NIV}. “By day the Lord directs His love, at night His song is with me – a prayer to the God of my Life.”


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