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Hello God. It's me, Mara


A clock 

You know, Lord, some time ago (probably way back, mid-last century) someone wrote some interesting things about the invention of a brand new kind of an alarm clock; this “new” clock was one that woke you up by releasing a cloud of perfume.

If, perchance, one had a stuffed up nose, the backup system was flashing lights. Clock manufactures know that exciting any of the five senses will do the trick of waking up a slumbering human.

To excite the sense of smell, wouldn’t one really rather be awakened to the aroma of fresh perked coffee? (Like we were awakened way back when our Mama had her coffee perking to wake us kids up? Just think about THAT!) And then again, not

many would want flashing lights to wake them up. What if the second backup system had a device to shake one awake? NOT!

And another thought — did anyone think about how one could “taste” awake? Now that would be an interesting invention!

Now, seriously, would anyone prefer the “sound” approach of a Big Ben? Not by a long shot, right? Apparently, also, it’s not by chance that it is called an alarm clock. But to wake to soft music would be rather nice, right?

Or how about a clock that talks? We’d prefer one that talked with some intelligence, right?  How about: “Good morning, Ms. (or Mr.). Did you know that if you lived the Biblical three score and 10 years, you’d have 25,550 days in which to accomplish something on this earth? Come on now; forget about all those wasted days. This is a brand-new day, so get you up. It’s a day that the Lord hath made and He’s made it just for you … it’s UP time!”

You’re way ahead of us Lord, thank you: “Behold the day, behold, it is come …” Ezekiel 7:10.

Love Mara


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