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A Local View - Students need supervision, not gun ban


March 26, 2018

March 20, I read in the Havre Daily News yet another article speaking out against gun violence toward children.

Here again, like so many other letters and statements, it's only against the gun. And it's always the same answer, ban guns. Some blame video games, others, drugs and cults. bullying has been mentioned as well by our top shrinks.

Never once have I ever heard that parental guidance was needed or was lacking. Not only are parents needed, but mentors and adult role models are critical for young development. From birth our children need to be taught right from wrong. Discipline should be administrated when necessary. I believe the point should be by hand only. Curfews and screening of friends and activities are a must by parents. Spend lots of your "precious" time with them. If you suspect trouble with your child, get in their space. If you find something wrong, get in their face! Do whatever it takes to save their lives. It's better to tell then you love them while they're alive than dead.

Also, nothing has ever been said about teaching gun awareness and safe handling in class. It could be incorporated with another class like social studies or physical education. Not a hunter safety class, but rather what gun can do and what to do if you come across one. Teach what a gun will actually do to meat and bones of a human.

Ban guns, you say? There are millions of them. Educate people, I say, about guns.

There are many things that kill people. Abortion kills more children in one year than any number of radical shootings. Why not ban abortion? Oh wait, we tried that, then came Roe v. Wade, remember? Doctors have the constitutional right to kill children. Well, how about alcohol? That kills way more people than guns. Let's ban booze. No wait, we tried that, too. Prohibition, remember? The gangsters loved that.

Banning guns is not the answer, neither is arming teachers and/or installing armed guards to patrol hallways. What's next? High, barbed-wire fences? What kind of psychological effect will that have on our kids?

Education, love and adult supervision is the answer that will slowly turn these tragedies around. Is it a quick fix? No. Will it stop violence? No, but it will slow it down. A killer will kill with whatever they have — bombs, poison, even the use of a vehicle.

Guidance at home, school and work are needed. Teach our children to respect each other, watch out for each other and, yeas, turn in someone if you think they will harm someone or themselves, even if it's your friend. Teach our children to love one another, treat others as they would want to be treated. Maybe say a prayer at the beginning of the school day over the intercom system, and let's say the Pledge of Allegiance again.

God bless you all.

Jeff C. Dibblee, Havre

"Just an Ole Redneck who cares"


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