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Hi-Line Athlete Profile: Baylee Miller/Megan Lindbloom, Havre Tennis

Pony duo aims high on and off court


Even though the snow and the cold have done their best to dampen the spirits of all the Havre High athletes, including the Havre High tennis teams, the Blue Ponies have remained positive.

Once again this week, the Ponies were spending their practice time clearing snow off their tennis courts, hoping that somehow, they will be able to play the Havre Invitational, which is scheduled for this Friday and Saturday.

Two players in particular who are looking forward to playing some tournament tennis are seniors on the Pony girls team Megan Lindbloom and Baylee Miller, two four-year participants who will be taking part in their second season together playing doubles.

"We just try not to get discouraged," Lindbloom said. "And we just kind of hope that we can get inside and work on things so at least we are getting something in. We just deal with it and roll with the punches."

Lindbloom followed in the footsteps of her brother Wyatt Lindbloom, a varsity player for the Ponies a few years back. And as far as Miller was concerned, Megan, her best friend was playing tennis and therefore was persuaded to join.

"She got into tennis and kind of convinced me," Miller said. "I wanted to try something new. I thought why not."

In addition to playing tennis for the Ponies, both Lindbloom and Miller have active lives and each take part in numerous extracurricular activities. Lindbloom, a 4.0 student said she plans to attend Montana State University and study elementary education. The Havre senior also managed for both the football and wrestling teams, in addition to a number of others activities such as being the class president, being a member of Key Club, teaching Sunday school and working at a local restaurant.

Lindbloom is busy, but so is her best friend and teammate Miller, who has a 3.9 GPA and also plans to go to Montana State in the fall. Miller, who is also the drum major for the Havre High Marching Band is also involved in Spanish Club, Key Club, theater, dance and pep band, in addition to working two part-time jobs. When asked how she finds time to fit tennis into her busy schedule, Miller replied: "It's just something that I put on my list and say I am going to do it and I do it." Lindblom added. "That's what planners are for."

While both girls and teammates from both HHS squads are hoping the weather will cooperate and allow them to host the Havre Invite this weekend, right now, nothing is a sure thing.

The Havre Daily News caught up with Lindbloom and Miller Tuesday for a few questions each.

HDN: What do you think makes you guys a good team?

Miller: "We have been best friends since the seventh grade so I think just knowing each other and knowing our weaknesses helps. I think also the way we bring our strengths out and encourage each other is the best way for us to do it. We are brutally honest and that makes it better."

HDN: What do you enjoy about teaming up together?

Lindbloom: "We know that we like to have fun and we just try to have fun when we play and no matter what happens, we know what to work on for the next time."

HDN: What have you enjoyed the most about being part of Blue Pony tennis?

Miller: "I think the girls team is a team and the boys team is a team, but most of the time we are together boys and girls, which I think is cool because you don't see that all the time with like basketball the way it is. It's different with tennis."

HDN: Megan, you manage during football and wrestling season, what's it like in the spring and how exciting is it for your sport tennis?

Lindbloom: "Managing is a lot of fun but tennis is my sport that I get to do and do for myself. When I manage I keep scores for other people, which is fun and I love watching those sports and being part of it, but tennis is a whole different ball game. It's my outside spring sport where I get to have fun and get sunburned."

HDN: What is your goal for the season?

Lindbloom: "Our goal is to keep improving as players. We want to improve as teammates, you have to work on being a partner when you are on a doubles team like we are. Getting to state would be really cool."

HDN: What are you wanting to get out of the season?

Miller: "Like Megan said, it's really about having fun because if you aren't having fun then I don't know why you would do it. I just want to improve myself and improve on my kills as a teammate."


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