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Local Bowling Report: It was another great year on the lanes

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April 25, 2018

Sunday finished up the last of our league activities for the season, with the Sunday Keglers Banquet and Youth League Awards.

As promised, here are the No-Tap Tournament results. First, Michele Denny and Jason McDonald 1,640, Havre; second Michele Denny and Roman Surber, 1,597, Havre; third Suener Springer and Ryne Antley, 1,595, Havre; fourth Sharnai and Mike Hamilton, 1,587, Great Falls; fifth Laine Jorgensen and Charley Humphreys, 1,584, Chinook; sixth Darcy Shipman and Jason Sillerud, 1,565, Glasgow; seventh Dianne and Doug Watson, 1,558, Havre; eighth Denise Friede and Chris Owens 1,542, Havre, ninth Suener and Chad Springer, 1,531, Havre, 10th Teresa and Larry Anderson, 1,527, Fort Benton. A special thank you to all of the out of town bowlers who participated. It was a great turnout.

Highs for the final week were, Pam Conaster 222 and Kyndra Hall, 532 for the ladies and Shawn Burrington, 236-643 for the men.

Sadly, there were no 300 games this season. High game for the men was Roman Surber and Fred Williams, who each bowled a 290. High series was Shawn Mariani with a 764. For the women, Julie Rodgers had the high game with a 277 and series with a 657.

Other scores rolled this year for the men were Shawn Mariani 288, Jay Burrington, Ryan Mapes and Nick Turner 279, Barry Crowder 266, Shawn Burrington 265. Series were Ryan Mapes 727, Paul Jensen 720, Nick Turner 711, Roman Surber 702, Fred Williams 699, Shawn Burrington 667, Donald Linderman 651. For the women, Julie Rodgers 245, Lindsey Brengord 226, Fern Lohse 222, Brandy Kurtz 214, Dianne Watson 211. Series were, Julie Rodgers 627, Lindsey Brendgord 585, Lacy Farmer 542.

To scores for the junior/majors were, Casey Mariani 234-569, Preston Glock 203, Lane Kinsella 199-503, Devin George 464, Elly Moore 178, 422, Payton Springer 169-472 and Elle Kucera 153-409. Tops for the preps were, Logan Kinsella 184-405, Ethan Stortz 182-448, Noah Barrett 163-391, Chloe Hodges 122-282, Emily Marsh 118-292. For the bantams, Garren Shelton 91-167, Blake Marsh 90-152, Landon Kinsella 93-167, Kaylee Rider 98-159, Kodi Sparks 89-158 and Alyson Hanson 154.

Final standings for our leagues included Sunday Keglers: 1st, Bud Light, 2nd, Independence Bank, 3rd, Clausen & Sons, 4th, Rod's Drive In. For Women's City: 1st, Hub Insurance, 2nd, Alley Cougars, 3rd, Oxford Bar. For Men's City: 1st, Nalivka's, 2nd, Diversified Surveying, 3rd, Oxford Bar. For Thursday Open: 1st, Havre Home & Hardware, 2nd, Frontier Lawn, 3rd, Shamrock's, 4th, Raymond James. For Thursday Mixers: 1st, Western Trailer Sales, 2nd, Lucky Strikes, 3rd, Finley Food Farms.

Final junior standings: Junior/Major were: 1st, S.A.S, 2nd, Spare Me, 3rd, Triple Threat, 4th, Lucky Strikers, 5th, The Dashing Duo. For the preps: 1st, Little Devils, 2nd, Strike Squad, 3rd, King Pins, 4th, the Wolf Pack. For the bantams: 1st, Batmen, 2nd, Rainbow Unicorn Squad, 3rd, Savage Bros., 4th., American Bowlers, 5th, The Pin Killers.

Until next year, Harvest Moon Lanes hopes you all have a great summer. Remember to watch for league sign-ups in August and let everyone know what a good time all leagues are. Also, special thanks to George Ferguson for all our bowling news.

See you all on the lanes next year!


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