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Letter to the Editor - They live in our House and our country



I have no trepidation in writing this letter to vent a few things that are very unnerving to me in Washington, D.C., specifically, the incidents that continue to proceed every day with President Trump and the many agencies that deal with our government welfare.

When are all of those Cabinet secretaries going to realize that, thank God, we have some government oversight on what’s being spent and said, etc.

I’m a veteran in a small town, in failing health, and I can tell you our clinic does the best it can without a doctor now for several years. And the president continues to praise the VA for all of the great, phenomenal changes they have made.

It’s just not true.

Yes, they may have fired some people on the surface and then said, “We fixed it.”

President Trump has said things like we are allowing veterans to seek private care when the VA cannot provide it, called Veteran’s Choice. It wasn’t formed under Trump. It came into fruition during the Obama presidency.

I’ve had three failed back surgeries; when I was referred to a doctor in Spokane for a possible cure, I was denied because I did not qualify for VA-reimbursed travel.

I live in a small town that does not have physicians who can remedy my severe pain, so I am forced to take pain medication for any relief, which is very little.

Take a look at the number of people who have either been fired or quit. There is no ethical vetting being done on the people who work in our House in Washington. And I pay taxes so they can rent it for four years. We all pay taxes for people who live and work there.

If this president would just sit down for more than 15 minutes and listen instead of twittering through his presidency he might learn something.

I always support the office of the presidency and served our country for eight years in the Air Force.

Our country voted to send Trump to Washington on his promise to drain the swamp, and so far it’s flooding the president.

Hurtful Twitter messages by the president have made some U.S. citizens very concerned about what our allies think of us and this is disturbing to me. And I hope soon we will all see some relief from this mean talk and hear some talk that will fix or improve what we pay for in Washington, D.C.

Rickie Magnussen



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