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Ponies wrap up the regular season with plenty of court time in Lewistown


Before the Havre High tennis teams could zero in on the upcoming Central A Divisional tournament, the Blue Ponies had to finish their regular season schedule on the courts of Lewistown.

Saturday, Havre was in Lewistown for the annual Fergus Invitational, which marks the end of the HHS regular season. And, with as many as five duals played Saturday, Pony head coach George Ferguson was pleased with what he saw from both his boys, and girls teams.

"The goal was to go down there and get ourselves as ready for divisionals as we could," Ferguson said, "and to leave Lewistown feeling confident about where we were at. And the kids accomplished those goals. I wouldn't say, collectively, that we played our very best in every single match we played Saturday, but, the kids once again gave great effort, they were very focused and very determined, and I do think that, as the day went along, we played better and better. So, I think we accomplished our goals this weekend. I was really proud of our kids for the effort they gave and the focus they had all day in Lewistown. And especially, the second half of the day, we played some very good tennis, and that's what we wanted to make sure we did."

Havre's boys captured two of the four duals they played, with a lineup that wasn't completely intact, as it will be later this week at the Central A meet. The Ponies beat a short-handed Livingston squad 5-2, then swept Central A rival Belgrade 7-0. Havre fell to a very good Dillon team 5-2, and came up a match short against Lewistown, 4-3.

In doubles, the tandem of Trey Murphy and Kennedy McKay continued their strong run of late, going 3-1 on the day, including beating the top team from Dillon, which is one of the favorites this season in the Southwest A. Junior Tommy Brown also had a strong showing for the Ponies, with big wins of Belgrade and Lewistown at No. 1 singles, while sophomore Tyrel Kjersem, who normally plays doubles for the Ponies, went 3-1 on the day.

"I thought Tommy Brown played his best tennis of the season," Ferguson said. "It's been tough for him, transitioning to our top singles spot. And in Lewistown, he had to play two of the best players in the state. But, I loved what I saw from Tommy. He hit the ball well, and more importantly, he played with a lot of confidence. He was really good on Saturday, and that's what he needed — to get some good momentum going into divisionals.

"As a whole, we didn't have our divisional boys lineup Saturday," he continued. "But, tennis is tennis, and I thought our boys really finished strong. In wins and losses, they played well, and with a lot of confidence. So they did what they need dot do in Lewistown, and that was to get themselves ready for this week."

Havre's girls captured two dual wins Saturday, with victories over Dillon and Lewistown, and that was without top singles player Paige Nelson, who had to sit the meet out with an injury. The Ponies also battled Central A favorite Belgrade to a 4-3 decision, and fell to rival Livingston 6-1.

Individually, McKenzie Tommerup had a strong day in singles for the Ponies, while the tandem of Marcee Murphy and Devyn Solomon went 4-1, including a big win over Hardin in an exhibition match. Cassidy Acor also secured two key wins for the Ponies, while every HHS player scored points for the team on the day.

"The girls played well," Ferguson said. "Once again, Livingston and Belgrade are very strong, and I thought, in those matches, we played much better than some of the scores would indicate. Our girls have a lot of experience, and they understand that, Saturday was about prepping for the divisional tournament, and I thought they did a good job of getting the most out of a lot of time on the court.

"Overall, I thought both our teams did a great job Saturday," Ferguson added. "The conditions were tough, and so was the competition. I thought the kids battled hard all day. We still have some things we need to clean up over the next three days, but I thought all of our kids left Lewistown feeling good about where they're at, and I know they're all very excited for divisionals to get here."

And divisionals is here. The Ponies will travel to Bozeman Thursday-Friday for the Central A divisional, with team titles and spots in next week's Class A state tournament on the line.

Fergus Invitational


Havre 5, Livingston 2


Ricketts, LIV def. Tommy Brown, HAV, 8-6; Purkett, LIV def. Josh Warp, HAV, 8-2; Tyrel Kjersem, HAV def. Rosebrg, LIV, 8-3; Troy Powell, HAV won by fft, lost to Gupti, HAR 8-1 in exhibition.


Murphy/McKay, HAV won by fft, lost to Ricketts/Purkett, LIV, 8-3; Huston/Bulkley, HAV won by fft; lost to Left Hand/Old Crow, HAR, 8-1 in exhibition; Swensen/Holden, HAV won by fft; lost to Evans/Noteboom, HAR, 8-1 in exhibition.

Havre 7, Belgrade 0


Tommy Brown, HAV def. Thorn, BEL, 8-2; Warp, HAV def. McCauley, BEL, 8-2; Tyrel Kjersem, HAV def. Koltz, BEL, 8-2; Troy Powell, HAV def. Putnam, BEL, 8-1.


Murphy/McKay, HAV def. McCauley/Chisholm, BEL, 8-1; Huston/Bulkley, HAV def. Brooks/Mattson, BEL, 8-4; Swensen/Holden, HAV def. Hargrove/Gaunon, BEL, 8-6.

Dillon 5, Havre 2


Rakich, DIL def. Tommy Brown, HAV, 8-0; Leondardson, DIL def. Josh Warp, HAV, 8-3; Knight, DIL def. Kjersem, HAV, 8-1; Jones, DIL def. Powell, HAV, 8-0.


Murphy/McKay, HAV def. Southam/Peterson, DIL, 8-5; Huston/Bulkley, HAV def. Sawyer/Guillen, DIL, 9-7; Mosher/Lappe, DIL def. Swensen/Holden, HAV, 8-4.

Lewistown 4, Havre 3


Tommy Brown, HAV def. Mannin, LEW, 8-2; Errecart, LEW def. Josh Warp, HAV, 8-2; Kjersem, HAV def. Gatz, LEW, 8-1; Fulbright, LEW def. Troy Powell, HAV, 8-3.


Murphy/McKay, HAV def. Farrar/Chruch, LEW, 8-3; Kinderszki/McQuinn, LEW def. Bulkley/Huston, HAV, 8-6; Miller/Phillips, LEW def. Swensen/Holden, HAV, 8-0.


Livingston 6, Havre 1


Walker, LIV def. Paige Nelson, HAV, 8-2; Smith, LIV def. Cassidy Acor, LIV, 8-4; Madden, LIV def. Kadyn Acor, LIV, 8-6; McKenzie Tommerup, HAV won by fft, def. Chandler, BEL, 8-2 in exhibition.


Kant/Lima, LIV def. Lindbloom/Miller, HAV, 8-0; Schoenen/Vondra, LIV, def. Muprhy/Solomon, HAV, 8-2; Vance/Killorn, LIV def. Donaldson/Donaldson, HAV, 8-2.

Belgrade 4, Havre 3


Stokke, BEL won by inj. Def.; McLaughlin, BEL def. Cassidy Acor, HAV, 8-4; Kadyn Acor, HAV def. Anderson, BEL, 8-3; McKenzie Tommerup, HAV def. Chandler, BEL, 8-2.


Gilbertson/Reddick, BEL def. Lindbloom/Miller, HAV, 8-0; Murphy/Solomon, HAV def. Chidester/Sander, BEL, 8-4; Hichs/Feddes, BEL def. Donaldson/Donaldson, BEL, 8-1.

Havre 4, Dillon 3


Hritsco, DIL won by inj. Def.; Sandall, DIL def. Cassidy Acor, HAV, 8-2; Belderrain, DIL: def. Kadyn Acor, HAV, 9-7; McKenzie Tommerup, HAV def. Mastandrea, DIL, 8-6.


Lindbloom/Miller, HAV won by fft, lost to Hirtisco/Sandall, DIL, 8-0 in exhibition; Murphy/Solomon, HAV def. Glossa/Leonardson, DIL, 8-2; Donaldson/Donaldson, HAV def. Davis/Pierce, DIL, 8-3.

Havre 6, Lewistown 1


Southworth, LEW won by inj. Def.; Cassidy Acor, HAV def. Gatz, LEW, 8-3; Kadyn Acor, HAV def. Annie Franz, LEW, 8-0; McKenzie Tommerup, HAV won by fft; def. White Man, HAR 8-6 in exhibition.


Lindbloom/Miller, HAV def. Church/Kelsey, LEW, 8-3; Murphy/Solomon, HAV def. Arndt/Villaruel, LEW, 8-3; Donaldson/Donaldson, HAV def. Day/Seaford, LEW, 8-5.


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