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Hello God, it's me, Mara

Hope and shield


You know, Lord, it’s delightful when a group of us gals meet; we generally ask each other how we’re dealing with life and how our families are doing etc.

Occasionally we hear about how animals have feelings too, how horses and cows might act, or even puppy dogs missing their “Mama” while she’s gone for a couple of days. Puppy didn’t eat ’cause “Mama” wasn’t home, but boy-howdy, did Puppy chow down once Mama came back!! We commented how foxes most likely are fond of “dining” on kitty cats. One gal’s kitty cats vanished, she said, but the foxes keep checking around the “lay of the land,” checking in hopes, she was sure, that there might just be another kitty cat for them to have for lunch, the hungry foxes.

And then there are people: someone mentioned how a friend had hailed his friend and asked him: “Hey, buddy! How are you?” His friend answered: “I’m just fine, thank you, but the ‘house’ I’m living in is tottering and crumbling, but I am fine, thanks for asking.”

We humans are made up of soul and body — mostly we’re unfaltering, we wish to be dedicated and committed.  But in this materialistic age we truly often forget the real, that the abiding part of us is invisible. We tend to be responsible for the physical part of us and not be concerned about our spiritual health, and nurture. Lord, You made us different from other animals; You made us a living soul. We forget that You clothed us with intelligence, conscience and a will. You, Lord, want us to be Your friend, You are waiting for us. You are our Hope and our Shield.

Thank you, Lord.

We read in Psalm 33:20 “We wait in hope for the Lord; HE is our help and our shield.”

Love, Mara


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