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Celebrating History: Drought 100 years ago


August 3, 2018

By Emily Mayer

The results of the survey conducted by the Montana State Council of Defense for the purpose of federal government aid to farmers was released in the August 3, 1918, edition of The Havre Plaindealer. The aid was for farmers who had sustained loss due to drought, and Montana Senator Walsh secured $5 million for the cause.

Two thousand farmers crammed Fort Assinniboine the week before for a farm picnic and presentations on various experiments done on dryland farming. Of course, the war “over there” as well as making sure the home front had food was foremost on everyone’s mind.

Threshers were urged to control losses when harvesting grain, with the US Food Administration issuing a Grain Thresherman’s Pledge Card, which individual threshermen would sign and pledge themselves to accept membership in the US Food Administration and operate the threshing machine to reduce the possibility of wasting grain. To make their point even more succinct, the Department of Agriculture issued this ruling:


All threshermen must make monthly reports to the bureau of markets of the department of agriculture, on their operations this year. In this connection, a thresher’s record book has been issued to bused as a basis for these reports. In this book, he will keep the name of the farmer and the date of operations on his place. He will enter the number of acres and the yield in bushels resulting for the various crops, also showing the charge per bushel and total for the crop. He is also asked to record similar data regarding wheat on the same farms last year. County Agent Baker has received a supply of these books which may be obtained by any outfit needing them, at his office.

The article getting the most print was the annual Statement of Warrants for School District 16. The statement listed all funds on hand and all disbursements for the year including administration, teacher and staff salaries, building materials — the high school had a new addition put on in 1917, only for it to burn with the rest of the school in late December 1917 — supplies of all sorts and various services such as paying Stanley Leaming to tune the piano for $8.00, and F. O. Black, proprietor of Black’s Jewelers, $4.50 to repair the school clock. Expenses for Laredo school were included, as it was still a part of District 16 at the time along with the Havre schools. It’s a very interesting report to say the least!

The Society column was not in the Plaindealer this week, but there was one social event of note within its pages.


At nine o’clock on the morning of July 25th, 1918, Phoebe Kearful and Carl Roys were united in marriage at St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic church of this city, Rev. Father McAstocker S. J. performing the ceremony at the nuptial mass. The young couple were attended by Miss Dorothy Ann Holland and Mr. Arthur La Franz. The bride was charming in a navy blue suit with flesh colored georgette waist, white shoes and gloves and pink and white maline hat. Miss Holland also wore a navy blue suit with white hat. The bride and bridesmaid carried shower bouquets of pink and lavender sweet peas and gypsophila. Mrs. Geo. Guenser sang several beautiful solos during the ceremony and Mrs. L. K. Devlin presided at the organ.

After the wedding a delicious breakfast was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Holland, 504 11th Street, at which covers were laid for twenty-three guests. The table was laid in the large living room and was beautifully decorated with sweet peas and gypsophila while the rest of the house was fragrant with pink carnations and roses. The bride cake was duly cut out by the bride and groom performed the same ceremony for the wedding cake.

Misses Teresa Faber, Genevieve Burke, Gertrude Molitor and Edith Holland served the guests, who were: Rev. Fathers McAstocker, Sansone and Lavaser, Mrs. And Mrs. Carl Roys, Miss Dorothy Ann Holland, Mr. Arthur La Franz, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kearful, Marion Kearful, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald, Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Devlin, Mr. and Mrs. James Holland, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Griggs, Mrs. Guenser, Miss Rosa La Franz and Miss Katherine Flannigan.

Mr. and Mrs. Roys left on the Great Falls train at 2:25 p.m. for a short trip to Great Falls, Helena and Butte, and will return to their home in the mountains south of Havre.

Welcome all to the Rocky Boy Pow-wow and all the best to the dancers, drummers and spectators!


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