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Letter to the Editor - Federal agencies ensuring pollution


September 11, 2018

Dear editor,

It has come to my attention that Ryan Zinke, Andrew Wheeler, and their federal agencies are helping ensure that the oil and gas industry can continue to carelessly leak millions of tons of methane pollution and chemicals into our air.

We had protections around methane that limited this type of pollution. Created in 2016, the methane protections limited the flaring and venting of natural gas to cases of emergencies or when capturing flared gas was technically infeasible.

Montanans demand that Washington put politics aside and restore our original protections. The 2016 methane waste rules from both the Bureau of Land Management and Environmental Protection Agency both guaranteed the safety of workers and delivered the highest return on our investments.

Shamefully delaying, repealing, or refusing to enforce these protections endangers our families and friends, pollutes our communities, and allows valuable resources to be wasted and burned off.

I say no more! Montanans demand safety. We demand revenue from resources. And we demand that the current administration be held accountable. Say no to further delays, and restore the 2016 methane protections!

Kaila Sellars



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