Grief Poem - Support & Healing


We need support as we “let go” — sharing the gloom of pain.

Folks who’ve been down this lonely road know grief can really drain.


Remembering what used to be can make us laugh or cry.

We must let go, but this we know, we’ll see ‘them’ by and by.


Family and friends do give support with friendship, faith and hope.

We, too, reach out to lend a hand which helps us all to cope.

 We share the pain in our darkness, when our life seems askew,

But good memories are great to share and that’s important, too.


We share with those who’re on this path; we each grieve our own way.

Symbols of hope we should all share when our days seem so gray.


We give to folks our love and prayers; whose lives seem broken down.

 We know our lives won’t be the same, new normal’s not a frown.


New normal now is what we seek, some time and space we need.

Your help, oh Lord, and healing touch, help us bear up we plead.


 We need You, Lord to heal and hold, and that’s Your (1) job, dear Lord.

The day “they” left, we questioned, “why” — as off to You, they soared.


Life will never be like t’was; we need to have things “new.”

Friendships, new life, new choices, too, we’ll always count on You.

March ‘19 — Prairie Winds

(1) Malachi 4:2: But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays.


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