Rocky Boy names students of the month


April 19, 2019

Si'mone Camper

Press release

Rocky Boy Schools has announced its March students of the month.

"From Chippewa-Cree Twin Galaxy, a 'cheery' pulsating star, Si'mone Camper, is sighted," a release said.

The STAR student, a senior, has consistently shown her responsibility and accountability through academics and extra-curricular activities, it continued. As a cheerleader, her time is constrained, yet she maintained a high grade point average due to her diligence and hard work.

"Our young entrepreneur-in-the-making enjoys her free time watching YouTube videos, nurturing her younger sibling and helping in household chores," the release said.

Rocky Boy's other student of the month, senior Rochelle Peace, was nominated and voted for by staff for Student of the Month for February for a number of reasons, a release said.

"Let's begin to speak about the fearless personality Rochelle has shown for athletics for the past four years," the release said. "Her quiet demeanor for all sports -  track, volleyball and basketball - was a silent killer. The  opponents had no idea we had a secret weapon in our keep."

"Her past four years have assisted in building her character to be the 'beast' she is," it quoted a nominator as saying. "We sure will miss her ability, her love and dedication for our athletic program. I am hoping the younger athletes take heed and follow in her footsteps to be a 'Shelly.'"

"Most importantly, Rochelle has been nominated for her respect and desire to be the STAR she is in the classroom," the release said. "She excels in all subject areas, works to the best of her abililty to maintain her honor roll GPA. The need and desire she displays to learn content is indescribable as she carries on with a quiet, respectful demeanor."

Rochelle is well-respected by all, students and staff. 

"She will be walking the stage this year as a Rocky Boy High School graduate and we can't be any more proud of the lady she has excelled and grown into," the release said. 

Rochelle Peace


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