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Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

Our mother’s hands


You know, Lord, as Mother’s Day approaches, we remember Mom and her hands which were always busy. They were wrinkled, shriveled and maybe a bit weak having been tools she used in her life to reach out, grab hold and embrace life. As our moms age, their hands became lined and yellowed with age; it happens to all of us. 

After our moms pass on, we may spend time with wonderful older women who doled out large servings of wisdom, guidance and love, but there’s no substitute for our own special Moms.  We especially remember her hands. They accomplished a great deal, whether she was working inside or outside helping Daddy; her hands were hardworking.

  Our Mom’s hands had weathered from years of working in her garden, teaching us kids how to tie our shoes, play in the dirt planting the garden, how to clean, how to fold our hands in prayer. Her hands taught us to make chocolate chip cookies and taught us kids how to write our names using the Palmer Method of Handwriting.

  Mom loved to cook, clean, take care of her family, to caress her new little grandchildren. All mothers hands give their babies baths; swaddle and nurture her babies, hug them, encourage them. Their hands are the picture of care and love for their little ones as they teach us to use our hands to care for others; as Moms demonstrate by example how to do that with neighbors, friends and relatives.

It’s those hands that God reaches out to take when He leads our Mothers home.

  Thank You, Lord, for our mothers and their loving hands. Our moms’ hands folded to ask Your blessing. We remember Your Word, Lord, as written in Psalm 18:35 (NLT) “You have given me the shield of salvation, Your right hand has held me up…”.  

Love Mara


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