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Letter to the Editor - Take a hike! Really!


To the Editor

There are great opportunities for hiking in Beaver Creek Park and it isn’t necessarily someone trying to get rid of or punish anyone. And one doesn’t even need a trail.

Beaver Creek Park has several constructed trails and with the efforts of the Havre Trails organization is developing more. However, Beaver Creek Park has a character that makes it ideal for off-trail day hiking in several different circumstances unlike most other natural environment parks.

It is hard to get lost in Beaver Creek Park. Only a mile wide, a road and stream flow through the middle the entire length. Walking down hill will consistently land a person in Beaver Creek or on the road through the park.

Game and cow trails will make hiking around slopes less hazardous and less strenuous and fade out as they close in on passes, water, bedding areas, good feed or salt. However, they will not end at a destination view, parking lot, out-house or camp site.

Maybe some folks need a trail if they hike in “flip-flops” and short shorts and are time or distant limited, but to have a different experience; wear suitable shoes, long pants are recommended, make and take the time, ignore the distance, continue if not tired, return to the vehicle or camp if it is time to quit.

Though there are some risks, be brave and consider it a challenge.

Do not unquestionably follow where the trail makers wanted us to go! A metaphor for life? Get off the trail! Explore! Learn! Accept the challenge! Have a great experience!

L. I. Hagener



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