Grief Poem - Sweet is the Memory


October 4, 2019

Just really don't know where to start ... The day you left; it broke my heart.

Not just a crack, it broke in two ... filled with my love that was for you.

The love's not gone, it's safe inside ... but when you left, part of me died.

Remembering the oath we shared... but this heart pain is hard to bear.


You're missed so very much each day...we loved you more than words can say.

No words can tell - or flowers repay - the loss we had on that sad day.


If memories connected us... we really aren't so far apart.

You're in our thoughts, you always are ... and always, dear, you're in 'our' heart.


Our memory gates will never close ... we miss you more than anyone knows.

With tender love and deep regret, we who loved you, will ne'er forget.


Our lives go on without you dear...but we all know it's not the same.

We have to hide our deep heartache, when some dear friend mentions your name.

Those special years will not return...when we, dear one, were together.

But with the love still in our hearts, we know you'll walk with us forever.


When God calls me, I'll leave earth too ....  to join you on that Golden Shore.

Heartaches are gone, no words can tell ... forever, dear, partings no more.


From morning's light to night's last star ... we'll always know just where you are.

A special star shines, oh, so's time for us to say goodnight.

September '19 - © Prairie Winds.


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