Check your license before you head out into the field


October 10, 2019

From Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Hunters shouldn't wait until opening day to discover their license and carcass tags are faded and need to be replaced. Hunters and anglers with licenses that are displaying faded text making them difficult to read can have those licenses replaced at no cost at their regional Fish, Wildlife and Parks office.

License providers will soon receive new license paper that will not fade as is the issue with the current yellow paper. This paper was shipped to providers during the week of Sept. 9. The new paper rolls will be white, not the traditional bright yellow, for ease of recognition between good paper and bad.

Another option is to go to, login to MyFWP and request a digital version of your license to print at home or download to a smart phone. Digital licenses are good for everything but a carcass tag.

Replacement at an FWP office for faded licenses do not count against the number of replacements an individual is allowed. Local license providers are unable to offer free replacements; the cost is $5 for each license replaced. Faded licenses can also be mailed to FWP for replacement: P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701 or to the regional FWP office.


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