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By Tim Leeds 

New charges, actions related to John Deere, E-1 burglaries


October 15, 2019

A series of actions have come up in court with people accused of involvement in a string of burglaries in Havre late last year and early this year, including at some major local businesses.

In January, the Havre John Deere dealership Frontline Ag Solutions and E-1 Towing reported people had broken into and robbed their facilities.

Investigations of the burglaries led to charges or suspicion of involvement of a number of people, including Fabian “JuJu” Saddler Jr., Leslie Crazyboy, Caroline Crazyboy, Gloria Crazyboy, Kate Lambourne and Jaylenn Jake Crazyboy, who was 17 at the time.

Since then, a series of actions have led to major changes in the cases against the defendants and suspects.

Saddler is scheduled to go to trial on the January charges Nov. 21.

The charges from the January case were dismissed in June against Leslie Crazyboy and, also that month, new charges were filed against Saddler in an accusation of theft of a vehicle this spring.  

Lambourne has pleaded guilty to one charge from the January case and to charges in two other cases with sentencing set for Nov. 4 — although she was in the Hill County Detention Center on $5,000 bond this morning facing allegations of violating conditions of her release in another suspended sentence.

Charges from the January case against Gloria Crazyboy were dismissed Thursday without prejudice, meaning the prosecution could file the charges again. In its motion, the prosecution cited new evidence coming to light and requested dismissing the charges against Crazyboy because proceeding with her trial could compromise the investigation.

Prosecution of the case against Caroline Crazyboy was deferred in September, meaning as long as she abides by the requirements of the deferral the case will not go to trial.

And, charges on allegations of new burglaries were filed Friday against Jaylen Crazyboy, who is now 18.

Crazyboy, who had a series of cases handled in Hill County Juvenile Court before he turned 18, is now charged with felony counts of burglary, deceptive practices and theft.

The new charges allege a man reported someone had broken into his house and stolen his wife’s purse, which held keys to two vehicles and her driver’s license, Social Security card and a credit card.

The two vehicles the keys belonged to, a gray 2017 Toyota Camry and a white 2015 Nissan Altima, later were reported stolen.

The credit card was used at several businesses before its owner canceled it, totalling $2,862.31 in charges, a court document said.

Video from one of the businesses showed Jaylenn Crazyboy and Fabian Saddler using the card, the document said.

The Altima, partially spray painted black, later was located, with plates belonging to another vehicle, a Ford Taurus.

A duffel bag of women’s clothing and spray paint cans and a stolen pistol was found in the Nissan.

The woman the Taurus belonged to, Cali Brien, later was found when officers stopped the Taurus, the document said. Brien was hiding in its trunk.

She told officers she put the duffel bag in the Nissan while Jaylen Crazyboy was driving it, but said she was surprised her vehicle license plates were on it.

Saddler had not been charged in relation to this incident as of printing deadline this morning.

Brien also had not been charged as of this morning.

In the January incident charges, multiple items were reported stolen Jan. 29 from Frontline Ag Solutions and E-1 Towing. 

Deputies drove by the Crazyboy residence because an occupant was suspected of burglaries and theft in the area, a court document said. Saddler was seen in a vehicle in front of the residence, and before the vehicle could be pulled over had left it and entered the residence, the document said.

In a search of the residence including in the rooms used by Jaylenn Crazyboy, Leslie Crazyboy, Caroline Crazyboy and Gloria Crazyboy, law enforcement found items suspected of being stolen from E-1 Towing and Frontline Ag Solutions and from other burglaries and thefts reported in the area.

In June, the charges against Leslie Crazyboy were dismissed after the defense filed a motion to exclude evidence found in the search, saying the search was not legally approved. Judge Kaydee Snipes Ruiz granted the motion after the prosecution did not reply to it. 

The defense then moved to dismiss the charges with prejudice, meaning they could not be refiled.

The prosecution responded that it did not oppose the motion to dismiss, although it requested they be dismissed without prejudice so they could be filed again.

Snipes Ruiz dismissed the charges with prejudice.


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