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Close friends, Havre running back Mason Dionne and offensive linemen Kasee Henderson form a powerful tandem


Last updated 10/22/2019 at 10:08pm

Colin Thompson

Havre High seniors Mason Dionne, left, and Kasee Henderson have been playing football together for a long time now. And football has made the running back/offensive linemen tandem even closer friends off the field. Havre hosts Lewistown for homecoming Friday night at Blue Pony Stadium.

Dynamic duos are one's who use their individual uniqueness to form a powerful pair.

These pairs have become a staple in today's sports and are often referenced in modern pop culture.

Dynamic duos are always seen together and when they are together, they dominate. Sports have seen dynamic duos for years. Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, and Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, to name a few, have been dangerous in their sports every time they play.

For the Havre High football team, one dynamic duo has been making noise on the field and making memories off the field, for a long time now.

Blue Pony seniors Mason Dionne and Kasee Henderson have played football together for what seems likle forever. Dionne has played for at least seven years and Henderson has played since seventh grade.

The two young men have formed a strong friendship in their time together. When they are on the field, the two help each other every play and have become powerful a tandem of running back and lineman, a tandem that has been special for the Blue Ponies.

And HHS head coach Ryan Gatch is proud to have the duo on his team.

"We got a great tandem there," said Gatch. "Those guys have been playing football together for a long time. Obviously, the leadership they have and their love for the game of football is awesome, so they're a lot of fun to have on the team."

And as dynamic duos do, Dionne and Henderson do almost everything together, always finding strength in each other's company.

A bond like that makes a big difference on the football field. With Dionne being a running back and Henderson being an offensive lineman, the two have to work together to achieve greatness.

But, working together is no problem for Dionne and Henderson. Both of them understand their roles on the Havre team and always put their everything into the games. Working with one another is practically second-nature for the young men and has proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

Dionne is glad to have a lineman like Henderson, who will always have his back and help him be better at his game. And it's just as much about their future as it is their past and present.

"It's been awesome to have to go through the recruiting process and have someone right there," said Dionne. "We're always like, hey we got to get these offers this season. Every competitive day it just goes up and up for us."

For Henderson, there is a simple way to say he and Dionne have always had a great friendship that has made impacts on the field.

"You know, you want your buddies to do good," Henderson said.

Dionne and Henderson are two guys working together to make a difference for the Blue Ponies. It has been quite the ride for the two and they have shared many great moments with one another. Both young men are especially fond of their performance against Hardin last season.

The game against the Bulldogs was Havre's season-opener last year and the first win the Ponies had seen in some time. Naturally, Dionne and Henderson shared that moment together and helped their team find the success they aimed for. It was an emotional game for the two and coming away with the win was something they will never forget.

"It was like winning the Super Bowl," said Henderson.

Dionne has another great memory that he shared with Henderson.

"My favorite memory is his (Henderson's) first game starting," said Dionne. "We're down in Billings Central and over in the corner, he was kind of thinking and getting ready. I go over there and tell him it's his game and he'll be alright, he's got this."

Not only do Dionne and Henderson have a great time on the field, but they also enjoy spending time together outside of football. It is often they will drive around town, watch movies and just hang out. Off the field, the tandem just enjoys the moments they share. The friendship that football has helped them form is something the two will never forget, no matter where they go.

For the two seniors, their last year of high school draws closer to its final curtain and the next step of their life journeys will begin. Dionne and Henderson both have important goals moving forward as they head on their college careers.

For Dionne, the people will hear where he plans to attend Friday and he looks to go above and beyond in his future.

"My college goal is making it there, getting bigger and getting ready for the year I start," Dionne said. "Hopefully that's my first year. I want to get a good education and move on."

Henderson has big goals when it comes to his future in college.

"I want to be All-American," Henderson said. "I like to set goals high and I want to reach them. Getting a good education, that's the main thing, going to college football and getting an education."

Dionne and Henderson have made a major impact in their careers as Blue Ponies and will go down in Havre High history as one of the best dynamic duos to step on the field. When a running back like Dionne and a lineman like Henderson come together, prepare to be dominated. The young men's commitment and love for the game of football is a strong bond indeed. On top of that, Dionne and Henderson's friendship only makes everything better than before.

Dionne and Henderson are ready to use their powerful bond against the Lewistown Golden Eagles Friday. The game against Lewistown in senior night for the two, as well as many other seniors, and they all look to put forth a grand performance in Blue Pony Stadium.

Keep an eye out for Dionne and Henderson Friday, because the two will be ready to give it all they have got. The two could not be more excited to get back out on the field again and go wild.

The Havre Blue Ponies kick off against the Lewistown Golden Eagles Friday at 7 in Blue Pony Stadium.


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