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Hi-Line Athlete Profile: Kristyn Kittson, Harlem Girls Basketball

Kittson, Harlem seniors hoping to go even higher


January 8, 2020

Havre Daily News/Colin Thompson

Harlem's Kristyn Kittson drives the ball during last Saturday's game against Rocky Boy in Harlem. Kittson is part of a senior class that has helped the girls basketball program reach new heights, and she says she wants her team to go even further this season. After making it all the way to state last season, Kittson and the Wildcats are currently undefeated so far this winter.

The Harlem High girls basketball team is making moves this season and it looks to be another exciting year for the Wildcats. On top of that, the Harlem senior class is ready to lead the charge, including Kristyn Kittson.

Kittson has been involved in the basketball world for a long time. The sport is always a big passion among the players and fans in Harlem and Kittson helps elevate that passion with her game. Her impact on the Wildcats, has been a great one and has hit the mark on a great year so far.

For Kittson, basketball is very special, and she loves playing alongside some great people in front of some big fans.

"I love playing with my team, first of all," Kittson said. "Playing in front of the fans is great, too."

Kittson has put up some big highlights for Harlem and has been a player to watch. Her teamwork and intensity on the hardwood are second-to-none Best of all, her spirit is full of a love for the game and it fuels her performance for the Cats,

Harlem made big strides last year in the postseason and Kittson was a part of that great year. After the Wildcats won the Northern B and went to their first-ever state tournament, Kittson and the Harlem seniors want more.

Plus, Kittson's goals for the season have influenced and pushed her to be better.

"I want to go as far as we did last year," Kittson said, "but this time, finishing strong this time with my team at state."

It is clear that Kittson is not only an individual performer but a true team player, as well. Dull moments are rare when Harlem hits the court, and with Kittson there, many can look forward to a great showing of both talent and grace. Kittson is not just an incredible athlete but a wonderful student, too. Her skills on the court translate effectively into the classroom and provide her with even more opportunities to succeed in the future. It is even better that Harlem High head coach Marlin Lawrence is proud of her efforts on the team and in school, too.

"She's a good hustler," said Lawrence. "She always gives us that little lift and that spark. She's always doing the little things. She may not always get the steal, but she's keeping the ball alive for us. She does big things for us on the team. She's a good athlete and a good kid. She gives it her all."

Kittson still has quite a bit left in her last year as a Wildcat and do not be surprised of she ends it on a high note alongside her team. Harlem has big goals this year and is pushing to reach higher than they did the previous season. But, before Kittson and the undeafted Wildcats prepare for the tough road ahead, Havre Daily News caught up with the basketball standout for five questions.

HDN: Who/what has been your biggest motivator/motivation?

Kittson: "Probably my family, the fans and the community here."

HDN: What are your plans after high school?

Kittson: "I want to go to college after my senior year, finish college and become a nurse, actually."

HDN: Who would be your teammates for a three-on-three basketball match?

Kittson: "I would choose me, L'Tia (Lawrence) and Taya (Trottier)."

HDN: What are your hobbies outside of sports?

Kittson: "I run cross country and I also rodeo during the summertime since I was a little kid."

HDN: Who is your favorite basketball player?

Kittson: "Kelly Virginia."


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