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Grief Poem - Strength and Hope


March 13, 2020

We’re feeling sad this sunny day, we miss your tales and smile.

Things sure have changed, but just you wait, we’ll see you after while!

We’re told we need a healing time, and share our darkest pain,

We laugh and cry, our sorrow shared, as we walk on Grief Lane.

Loved one and I have a secret that no one else shall know,

For only ‘we’ can see their face at night in candle glow.

And as we walk the busy streets, alone – just any time,

From time to time we swear we feel ‘your’ hand slip into mine.

Though you’ve left earth, life sure has changed, unlike it used to be,

The thread of love still holds us close, a thread no one can see.

Because we were so very close, in dreams I feel your touch.

For you were loved and love’s not lost, I loved you, oh, so much.

Soon SPRING will spring, and flowers bloom; SPRING ‘cleans’ our life anew.

A new season may calm some grief; sadness of missing you.

Spring brings new life- inside and out, along with some fresh hope,

And anxiously, twill teach sad souls lessons on how to cope.

It’s been some days or weeks or months, since you have now been gone.

But in our hearts, still filled with hope, dear one, you still live on.

It’s lonely here without you, dear; we miss you much each day.

Our life is not the same to us, since you were called away.

Your resting place we do visit, place flowers there with care.

But no one knows how our heart aches as we turn and leave you there.

Oh, Lord, our God, more strength we need, but You know what is best.

The hope and strength we get from You is perfect peace and rest.

Feb 2020 - © Prairie Winds.


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