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Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

Blink and think of God


March 27, 2020

You know, Lord, recently, we ran across some interesting truths. When a friend stated that You, Lord, are like an eyelid, we were like, "What? What are you talking about?"

Amazingly, we discovered some interesting and surprising pictures in the Bible, things like You, Lord God, as a laboring mother (ISA 42:14) or as a beekeeper (7:18); now that surely was all news to those of us listening!

We read in Deuteronomy 32(1) where Moses praises the way You took care of Your people, and in verse 10 how You shielded and protected Your people, guarding them "as the apple of His eye."

From one old Devotional booklet we learned that the word we translate as apple, literally means the pupil of the eye. And, what encircles and guards the pupil? Well, the eyelid, of course. So, You, Lord, are like an eyelid which instinctively protects the tender eye. A while back, our eye doctor told us that eyelids guard the eye from danger and blinking helps remove dirt or dust. It keeps sweat out of the eye, it lubricates the eyeball keeping it healthy and it closes, allowing rest.

When we pause to consider the picture of You, Lord, as an eyelid, we couldn't help but thank You for the many metaphors that were given to help us understand Your great love for us. So, when we close our eyes at night and open them in the morning, we can think of You, our heavenly Father, and praise You for Your tender protection and care for us!

We thank You, Lord God, for using surprising metaphors to help us understand You better. Thanks for guarding us just as the eyelid guards the eye. The next time we blink we could/should remember to thank You for Your protection.

Love, Mara.

(1) Deuteronomy 32:10: He shielded him and cared for him; He guarded him as the apple of His eye.


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