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Grief Poem - Old Farmhouse


“I heard from Gram; can I tell you?” my friend grinned down at me.

Then chuckling, she took a seat and grabbed a cup of tea.

“They lived awhile in old Farmhouse some miles way north of town.

I was their guest some years way back, that house is now torn down.

T’was a cottage with nice front porch, a fireplace of brick.

It warmed us up on a cold day — Gramps let me add a stick!

Their barn was near, horses “lived” there, pasture for them and cows.

Gramps showed me how to milk one time; I stayed AWAY from sows!

Back to the house, had hardwood floors, attic was dark and cold …

But when they moved to that Farmhouse, already it was OLD.

Their garden had a special spot. Once I helped Gram pull weeds.

She grew their food and canned a LOT, but didn’t like horseweed!

A staircase went to root cellar, to me, a scary place!

But coal for fuel and storage, too, so Grams jars had a “space!”

That house was small; tiny bedrooms; shelves lined the living room.

Was fun to look and hear stories of shelves full of heirlooms.

Now it’s all gone and so is Gramps, it breaks Grams heart and mine;

But both of us know where Gramps is, he’s safe in God’s Son shine!

Our memories, precious and old, we know that we were loved.

We grieve for our special dear ones, who watch us from above!

Gram told me that she’s “headed home,” where Grief will be no more!

And when she goes, she also knows God’s love is a sure cure!

“God’s word tells us to walk in love,” Gram told me, “Never fear!”

Friend’s story told, she wiped her eyes; “These memories, so are dear!”

April 2020 - Prairie Winds


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