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Hi-Line Athlete Profile: Quinn Springer, Havre High Sports

Blue Pony Quinn Springer makes sense of losing a lot of his athletic fun in the last couple months


Last updated 5/13/2020 at 12:01pm

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In a short amount of time, thanks to COVID-19, Havre High senior Quinn Springer lost his chance to play in the Shrine Game and compete in track and field for the Blue Ponies. This spring was set to be Springer's first try and track.

COVID-19 has taken a lot away from the world of sports, its fans and its players, including the ambitions of Havre High senior Quinn Springer - at least for the spring anyway.

Springer has been a star on the football field for the Blue Ponies as a lineman, both protecting his quarterback and going after the opposing quarterback. Springer was a big part of the 2019 fall season and the run to the Class A quarterfinals for Havre, making his case as a productive lineman for the Ponies. Then in the winter, Springer took a shot at basketball and even though he did not play a lot, he proved that he could put effort into anything and come away with something beneficial.

Being a two-sport athlete in his senior year was already a big thing, but Springer then had plans to go out and compete in track and field for Havre, as well as play in the East-West Shrine Game this summer as an offensive lineman. But coronavirus got in the way of both of those plans.

And the Shrine Game was a big deal for Springer, who had his sights set on it since he first heard of it, but with the Shrine Game canceled, Springer was devastated.

"Of course I was super upset," Springer said. "That was something I had dreamt about ever since I first heard about it. It was something I wanted to do as a senior and I thought the cancellation was a little early, but they gotta keep everybody's safety as a priority, so it's understandable, but still upsetting."

Springer was going to try going out with a bang as a three-sport athlete his senior year, but with the spring sports season gone, that ambition will never be realized. Springer was going to try his hand in an array of events for the Ponies in track and field..

Without it, though, his senior year ended rougher than expected though Springer was ready to give it his all in a third sport.

"It would have been my first year of track ever, and I was looking to compete in shot put, discuss and javelin," Springer said. "I didn't get into too much and had a few practices, but I was really excited for what was to come. The shot put, especially. I thought I had a good chance of doing decent and seeing how quick I could pick up on stuff, so that would have been exciting to see. If I could have made it to state in an event, that would have been a perfect way to cap off my senior year."

But football hits home the most for Springer. The Shrine Game was a dream that will not come to fruition now, but Springer knows that he could still turn a lot of heads on the field if he keeps at it in his future. With a stellar education on his side, as well, Springer has a lot in regard to the tradition of excellence that he has worked to live up to since day one.

And now, Springer will look to keep that with him as he moves forward in his educational career. On top of that, Springer has his heart still set on his beloved game of football in his future, too.

"I am going to attend Montana Tech and perhaps try to walk-on to the football team," Springer said. "But if not then I'm just going to attend school to be some sort of engineer at Montana Tech."

And that's what this spring has been about for the high school Class of 2020 - making the most out of a tough situation. And no doubt, with a bright future, Spring will do just that.

But before Springer heads off to graduate and pursue his future, the Havre Daily News caught up with the standout athlete for five questions.

HDN: What is the thing you miss the most about sports right now?

Springer: "Definitely getting out every day and doing something. Sometimes you're just sitting around on a day like this when it's all rainy and you just don't feel productive. It's just good for you mentally and physical - It's fun and keeps you involved. But I definitely would've liked to see how I would've done in track and field, too, so I definitely miss that."

HDN: What were you looking the most forward to about the Shrine Game?

Springer: "I was really looking forward to bonding with some of those guys and also going see some of those kids that don't have that opportunity to play football. I love to see the smile on their face. That was the stuff I was looking forward to."

HDN: How have you been coping with the cancellation of the track and field season?

Springer: "I've been trying to stay in shape when I can. I'm surrounding myself with people that care about me and support me - of course keeping my social distancing. There's not a whole lot you can do. Sometimes you just got to live with those things and you just got to keep moving on."

HDN: What are your hobbies outside of sports?

Springer: "Of course, I've been getting in on the video games during quarantine. I like chatting with friends and every once in a while, hitting the field with some of the buddies and throwing the ball around. That and all the schoolwork have been keeping me busy during quarantine, as well as getting ready for graduation."

HDN: What have you learned throughout your high school career at Havre High?

Springer: "Football is big for me. It helped me mature so much. Basketball tested my mental limits, showed me what I was capable of and showed me that heart can take you places. You build relationships with your teammates and your school. It gives you so much school pride. That's tough to beat. There's memories you'll never forget."


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