Grief Poem - Life Goes On


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They’re back again, the memories as white clouds sail above,

Flowers do bloom plus one red rose, reminds “us” of your love.

It’s baking day — cookies are GOOD, plus pan of Rhubarb Crisp!

Recalling how you loved baked goods, just know that you are missed.

Some bushes could stand a trim job, that ‘ain’t’ my cuppa tea!

But — IF you watched how I trimmed them; bet you would dance with glee!

One day we drove by old “Graveyard”; some graves still had bouquets.

We paused to pray, knew all who’d left - their souls had flown away.

Just thinking ‘bout you, my dear one, and wishing you were here,

And dreaming of the days gone by, you gave my heart such cheer.

We miss you, dear, we’ve let you go, that journey we all take,

For all of us, we go alone, though it does cause heartache.

A note arrived; it was the BEST! Said: “LIFE THAT NEVER ENDS;

Death is a sleep, silent and dark”; T’was shared from special friends.

It’s precious that we’re God’s Children; we wait for His return;

He’ll come again, give us new life, a gift we didn’t earn.

The Lord Himself goes before us, He wraps us in His love;

He’s always with us day or night, He loves us from above.

We know leaving our earthy home is all in God’s design,

We’re strong — we wait, He won’t leave us — God’s Word is our guideline.

Life does go “on” while we’re down here; waiting for heavenly home.

Someday we, too, will leave this earth, down here, no more to roam.

So, what comes next? It’s up to Him, He is our “go-to” guy!

When our “jobs” done — and it’s our time, it’s off to HIM we’ll fly.

May 2020 — Prairie Winds


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