Letter to the Editor - Woo hoo Tammy Walters


Last updated 6/17/2020 at 9:13am


Thank you Tammy Walters, owner of The Golden Spike, for not bowing down to Governor Bullock’s unconstitutional and illegal mandates, and Hill County Health Department’s attempt to enforce them. 

It is sad that fellow business owners and residents in Havre are falling in line to track and rat on their fellow entrepreneurs and neighbors for not falling in line with draconian “recommendations.” America has a republic form of government which means the power of government is held by its people; the people give power to its elected leaders to represent them, and serve their interests and the representatives are responsible to help all the people and not just a few. 

Our governor did not summon our legislators to an emergency session for them to opine on any of his mandates and therefore did not represent our opinions but dictate to us.  We live in a free country and need to start acting like it. 

Our government has told us that smoking tobacco is bad and may kill us, but has left the decision up to us what to do about it.  The only power they have during this “COVID pandemic” is to tell us the virus is bad and may kill us.  What we do with that information is up to us as powerful, thinking, free citizens.

Heidi Hill



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Cornelia Chinske writes:

Just as it is okay for all protestors to roam city streets in huge numbers with no objection from any state department of health. It continues all across the country.


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