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We must not lose our history


Last updated 7/14/2020 at 9:37am

I trust everyone had a fun safe Fourth of July, our Independence Day. This past month or two has been a real test of the fabric of our nation and the loss of very valuable pieces of history is devastating. Now protesting is one thing but looting and trashing historical monuments is a crime in more ways than one. Don’t get me wrong, I did not do well in history in school, but I hope what I do know is breaking the law is wrong. If you do not pay attention to what has happened in the past, you are doomed to make the same mistakes in the future. You must understand were you come from to understand what you will expect to become. To lose our history is to lose ourselves.

Did the COVID-19 spur this unrest? Some say yes while others believe the unrest was coming sooner or later. What bothers me the most is law abiding groups trying to do things right as fairs and 4-H projects are being shut down. Then protest groups are out in full force pushing the envelope in every way. No distancing, no masks, more in a group than allowable. I do get emails and calls wanting me to push for mandatory masks. Then on the other hand, calls and emails come wanting no masks. To be honest, I don’t have much say on the masks. All I will say is, if you feel more comfortable with a mask, wear it. If you are OK without a mask that is your choice. Just stay home if you are sick and wash your hands frequently, whether you have a mask or not.

Now, on a personal note, Judy and I had our 50th Anniversary the end of June. We had a vow renewal ceremony performed by Judy’s minister cousin. My daughter and family helped with planning the event. The day was also our daughter’s 23rd Anniversary. The end of July we are hoping most of the family will be able to all come for a visit and family gathering. Take care.


State Sen. Russ Tempel, R-Chester, can be emailed at [email protected]


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