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Andy's re-opens as Bow and Marrow supper club

A new version of a decades-old Havre restaurant has opened with a new name

Bow and Marrow had a soft grand opening last weekend with not only a new style, but a new menu, as well.

Bow and Marrow, formerly Andy's Supper Club, is located at 658 First St. W.

"The thought behind this was we wanted something that people would typically travel for because we are trying to make a place where people don't have to travel and eat," owner Shaina Hofeldt said. "A lot of times we were finding that if people wanted to go out and eat a nice dinner they were leaving town and they shouldn't have to do that."

She said she is excited about having a place where the food is good and the service is good, but also a place where people come out and eat and feel comfortable.

Bow and Marrow is a steak, fish, seafood and pasta restaurant, she said.

"There is some new items, but we're doing prime steaks from USDA Prime, the pasta is made in-house, so all of the pasta not just the sauce, but the actual noodles are made in house," Hofeldt said. "The lettuce that we're using is local lettuce from High Horizons, so the food is basically all just made here in-house, which it always has been, but we changed the pasta to the noodles being made in house, too."

The prawns that are on the menu, she said, are brought in from Hawaii, adding that it is fresh, as is the cod.

She said the restaurant's name comes from the bow that uses energy from the bow to use to survive and catch food, and marrow is from bone marrow, which all people need in their body to survive.

"It's about survival and then also bringing people together to feast or dine together and be happy that you're alive and together," she added. "... It's just nice to have a place you can go out and feel comfortable, be happy, have a nice atmosphere and still have good food."

Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday are 4:30 p.m. to midnight, Friday and Saturday 4:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.

A late-night menu is also available from 10 p.m. to midnight.

Reservations are encouraged.

People can make reservations on the restaurant's website at .

For more information people can also check out Bow and Marrow's Facebook page at .


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