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North Central Senior Citizen Center Oct. 26-30

Editor's note: The Havre Daily News did not receive this by printing deadline Friday.

Menu by Earlene DeWinter

Subject to Change

Monday - Taco burgers, Mexican rice, beans, dessert

Tuesday - Salad, roast pork, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls, chocolate cake

Wednesday - Baked fish, potato supreme, peas, peach cobbler

Thursday - Braised beef, mashed potatoes, salad, cookies

Friday - Soup, chef's choice, dessert

Medicare open enrollment has begun. If you need help verifying your Part D (Prescription) coverage, it will be done by phone appointments or video conference. All documentation will be run off for you to review. With changes coming, it is wise to at least check your coverage to make sure all of your medications will be covered. There is a form you will need to fill out before your appointment is scheduled. You may pick this up at the Senior Center in Havre or call and have it mailed to you. If you are just coming into retirement age please schedule an appointment for any help needed with this also.

It is very important to enroll in prescription coverage even if you aren't taking any medications so you will not receive penalty charges down the road when you do sign up. Remember, supplements do not cover prescriptions. Some retirement programs and veteran programs do have prescription coverage. Thank you.

The Senior Center is providing medical transportation only for now. Remember to call ahead for Friday's appointments.

We do have a couple of individuals in the community whom are in need of assistance getting to Great Falls three times a week for dialysis. I am working on getting financial help for the transportation. If you know of anyone willing to help with this transportation, please call the Senior Center.

Congregate folks: We are still continuing to provide meals at the Hill County Senior Center as grab and go meals while we are still closed. If you would like to pick up a meal, please be sure to call the center before 10 a.m. to order your meal. Your meals may be picked at the center from 11:45 until noon Monday through Friday. If you would like to, you may order a meal for one day or put in your order for the entire week. If you would please let us know which meals you would be like ahead of time it would be beneficial in preparation so we are aware of how much food to fix each day.

With the individuals we've lost the last few weeks, I do have some openings for commodities for the Hill County area. Call 265-5464 for an application.

Important phone numbers:

Montana Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673 Tumbleweed Runaway and Family Crisis Program: 259-2558 (local) 1-888-816-4702 (toll free)

Friendship Line by Institute on Aging - The Friendship Line is both a crisis intervention hotline and a warm-line for non-emergency emotional support calls. It is a 24-hour toll-free line and the only accredited crisis line in the country for people aged 60 years and older, and adults living with disabilities. Toll-Free Line: (800) 971-0016

For those seniors getting frustrated with staying home and needing someone to talk to you can call 1-877-688-3377 for Montana's Warm Line.

The senior center's doors are still closed to the public. We are providing limited services. Help is being given over the phone when possible.

Remember to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly!!! Maintain your personal space. Stay hydrated, especially with this heat. Do outside activities when it is cooler.

We want to thank the individuals who are making masks, especially those whom have brought them to the center. If you are in need of a mask, let us know. We may be able to direct you to a source.

With people getting out and moving around more, remember to use all precautions. If you do not feel comfortable going out, protect yourself and stay home as much as possible. If you do any traveling, especially out of state, remember the 14-day self-quarantine for your own safety.

Scams are getting worse. Some are being very forceful in trying to get your information. Don't give them any information. Protect your Medicare by read your quarterly Medicare Statement. Some agents are being sneaky in having things billed to you without you or your doctor realizing it. Also, there will be no new Medicare cards with chips... this is another scam. No matter what, do not give out personal information over the phone unless you are sure of the source. If you inadvertently give them any information, contact the Senior Center for the tip sheet to protect yourself. If you need help call the police department or the Senior Center.

We would also appreciate you tracking the phone numbers and what they were about, the time of day and the date, and bringing the list down to the center so we can make a compilation for the powers that be. Some feel none of these calls are occurring in Montana.


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