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Mild weather has eased the burden on public works


Last updated 1/27/2021 at 12:06pm

The 2020-2021 winter season has been uncommonly mild so far, and City of Havre Public Works Department has been able to take advantage of the weather in a number of ways in the past weeks and months.

Havre Public Works Director Dave Peterson said the longer the mild weather holds, the less potential there is for road damage in the coming months.

When moisture finds its way into and under the roads then freezes, it can expand and damage roadways, but because the weather has been so mild there’s very little frost in or on the ground, but Peterson said that could change in a week.

“It still could do a lot of damage,” he said.

He said the area could use some moisture in general but from a public works perspective, the less snow and ice the better.

“I know we need some moisture for everyone else, but I’d like to see it in the form of rain,” he said.

He said the mild weather has also allowed the department to use its sweepers more often and made it easier in general for his department to do jobs in the city.

Peterson said if people see sweepers in the area they should move their vehicles off the road if they can, so the sweepers can reach more places.

He also mentioned a waterline project going on up on Boulevard Avenue that needs to get completed, which he said might get done sooner than expected if the winter continues to be mild.

Peterson said there may be a chance that the weather might keep deer away from the city, but for now it appears the situation regarding the animals is more or less the same.

The Havre City Council recently passes an ordinance that bans feeding the animals in an effort to reduce their presence in the city and Peterson said that will definitely help, but it is still an ongoing problem.

He also said the windstorm that hit the area two weeks ago left a lot of trees and tree limbs in roads and alleys most of which have now been taken care of.

He said the department is still dealing with some tree limbs that need to be chipped up, but for the most part their work is done.

Peterson said the damage from the storm did create more work for the department but was nothing compared to many winter storms the area sees.

He asked that people who have branches that need to get chipped up need to get in touch with public works as soon as possible because the chippers won’t be available once the weather gets colder next week.


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