40 Below Public House opening in Havre


Last updated 4/1/2021 at 7:45am

Havre Daily News/Colin Thompson

A sign on the door of the location of 40 Below Public House announces the business opening in the former location of Bullhook Bottoms Casino.

The Bullhook Bottoms Casino at 415 First St. West is no more. In its place will be the 40 Below Public House.

It will be a bar and grille casino like Bullhook Bottoms, but 40 Below will aim to be a more family-oriented sports bar. 

"During the day, we want to have it so you can bring your kid for lunch or bring your family for lunch or dinner," said new general manager Jordan Dugan, "also watch the game and have a beer, bring the girls out for drinks. You can go either way."

However, they plan to shift the vibe when night rolls in. While they'll still have the same aesthetic, they plan to dim the lights and play different music to create a different atmosphere. 

The main feature of the bar's menu will be their tater tots. Instead of just serving them as a side, they will be served as a main course and in a variety of choices. Other food options on their menu includes burgers, flatbreads, sandwiches and salads. 

Dugan's family bought the business a few months ago. She described her family as serial entrepreneurs who own several businesses in Portland, Oregon. Dugan looks forward to the opportunity to run the bar as she has experience as a bartender. 

"I'm just really excited to bring the knowledge that I have and the knowledge that I have professionally to this business, but it's all a learning process," Dugan said. "We're always learning, so trial and error in everything you do."

As the business gets ready to open, Dugan just wants potential customers to know that she is looking forward to sharing her new business with them.

"We're super-excited to cater to the Hi-Line. We're really excited to be opening a spot that's family oriented," Dugan said. "We want to create a place that people will want to work and feel safe to work and a place that people feel safe to enjoy their friends and family."

The property has been remodeled since it was bought a few months ago. The renovations served mostly to update it to the aesthetic they are aiming for. Some of these renovations include new paint, fixing plumbing issues, tiling in front of the cooler and adding more taps to the bar. The business' grand opening is scheduled for May 1.


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