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41st annual black powder spring shoot held

Pete Huseby takes Overall Aggregate and three more


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Courtesy Bullhook Bottoms Black Powder Club

Cliff Plum helps Dante Plum shoot the High Draw Card Match. "Dante hit a 4 and said he won cause he is 4."

From Bullhook Bottoms Black Powder Club

The 41st annual Bullhook Bottoms Black Powder Club Spring Shoot held May 29-31 saw 88 shooters participate at historic Fort Assiniboine south of Havre.

The weather was excellent all weekend with temperatures in the hight 70s to 80's with a little wind off and on, but shooting conditions would be rated as excellent. Shooters came from all parts of Montana.

The 2020 Spring Shoot was canceled due to COVID, as were many events last year, so it was good to be back in the saddle and running a full blown event.

Robert Sparks, Havre, posted a perfect 12 hits in the silhouette event which included three targets at 50, 100, 150 and 200 yards, which was a tie for the recorded set in 1985.

Pete Huseby, Havre, cleaned house over the weekend capturing the Overall Aggregate trophy with a score of 198x in five matches including 25-yard offhand, 50-yard offhand, 100-yard offhand, 50-yard cross sticks and 100-yard cross sticks. Huseby also took the Offhand Aggregate with 117 points on three targets and the Cross Stick Aggregate with 81x points on two targets, 50 and 100 yards.

The Pistol Aggregate also went to Huseby, with 161 points on two targets, 25-yard and 50-yard both scoring a possible 100 points each.

The Women's Aggregate was claimed by Cara Pinder, Glasgow, with 116 points on three targets, 25-OH, 50-OH and 50 cross sticks.

In the black powder cartridge events, Kent Morehouse, Glasgow, won the Men's Cartridge Aggregate with 167 on four targets; Women's Aggregate went to Cara Pinder, Glasgow, with 148xx and the Junior Aggregate was won by Clint Owens, Havre, with 49. The cartridge events consist of four targets including 25-yard offhand, 50-yard offhand, 100-yard offhand and 100-yard cross sticks

Brad Bender, Havre, won the Primitive Aggregate event with a score of 150. The event includes 20 different fun shots such as cut a playing card, cut the strings, split the ball on ax head, frogs on a log shot from a canoe, and offhand, offhand shot - meaning if you are right-handed you shoot left-handed - drive the nail and several long-range shots. All targets are at various ranges.

The Long Range Aggregate for black powder cartridge was won by Don Klinko, Malta, with a string of three hits, turkey, ram and buffalo. This event consists of an offhand target at 270 yards and four cross stick targets a pig at 320 yards, turkey at 350 yards, ram at 380 yards and buffalo at 580 yards.

Hawk and Knife throw for adults was won by Andy Owens, Havre, and for juniors Stryder Owens, Helena, was the winner.

The Bonita Griggs Memorial Frying Pan Throw for women's division was won by Julie Sparks, Havre, 44 ft. 7 in.; seniors division went to Kemi Velk, Havre, 59 ft. 0 in.; juniors division was won by Arley Douglas, Marysville, 34 ft. 2 in.; pee-wee division went to Hadlwy Owens, Helena, 29 ft. 7 in.

The re-starting/pancake race Heat 1 was won by Hadley Owens, Helena and Asics Hipple, Havre, at 1 min. 22 sec.; Heat 2 went to Chamene and Vanessa Griggs, Havre at 1 min. 56 sec.; Heat 3 was won by Russell Douglas, Marysville and Wesley Bauer, Helena at 2 min. 10 sec.

The list of match event winners are listed below. "X" indicates a bullseye:

25 Yd Offhand Cartridge - Men

1st: Mike Otterberg, Glasgow 43; 2nd: Dick Hanson, Havre 42; 3rd: Tom Brown, Havre 39

25 Yd Offhand Cartridge - Women

1st: Cara Pinder, Glasgow 42; 2nd: Lacey Huesby, Havre 28; 3rd: Amanda Owens, Havre 20

25 Yd Offhand Cartridge - Juniors

1st: Caleb Huseby, Havre 21; 2nd: Clint Owens, Havre 19; 3rd: Travis Huseby, Havre 5

25 Yd Pistol

1st: Pete Huseby, Havre 87; 2nd: Dick Hanson, Havre 86; 3rd: Tom Brown, Havre 83

25 Yd Women's Offhand

1st: Cara Pinder, Glasgow 36; 2nd: Kemi Velk, Havre 34; 3rd: Lisa Berry, Havre 34

Skip Owens Memorial 25-Offhand

1st: Tom Brown, Havre 46; 2nd: Pete Huseby, Havre 43; 3rd: Randy Owens, Havre 41

Jaden Griggs Memorial 25 Yd Sub-Junior X-Sticks (11 yrs. and under)

1st: Wesley Bauer, Helena 47xx; 2nd: Sidney Griggs, Havre 45x; 3rd: Lexi Sparks, Havre 44; 4th: Stryder Owens, Helena 36; 5th: Travis Huseby, Havre 32; 6th: Russell Douglas, Marysville 30; 7th: Asics Hipple, Havre 30; 8th: Luke Griggs, Havre 29; 9th: Tripton Chapman, Havre 27; 10th: Rankin Owens, Helena 26; 11th: MacKenzie St. Marks, Havre 22; 12th: Hadley Owens Helena 21; 13th: Avyn Hipple, Havre 15 1; 14th: Bailey Griggs, Havre 14 1; 15th: Aylan Hipple, Havre 9

50-Yd Hunter 5 Sit/5 Ramrod

1st: Mike Litzinger, Havre 89xx; 2nd: Kent Morehouse, Glasgow 87; 3rd: Scott Somerville, Helena 85x

50 Yd Women X - Sticks

1st: Lacey Huseby, Havre 41; 2nd: Rhonda Nordahl, Helena 40; 3rd: Kemi Velk, Havre 39

50 Yd Chad Doney Junior X-Sticks (up to 18 yrs)

1st: Sidney Griggs, Havre 39; 2nd: Clint Owens, Havre 36; 3rd: Kaeden Litzinger, Havre 36; 4th: Triptyn Chapman 33; 5th: Caleb Huseby, Havre 32xx; 6th: Kaitelyn Gooch, Havre 31

50 Yd Offhand Cartridge - Men

1st: Kent Morehouse, Glasgow 46x; 2nd: Mike Otterberg, Fort Peck 43; 3rd: Dick Hanson, Havre 42x

50 Yd Offhand Cartridge - Women

1st: Lacey Huseby, Havre 36; 2nd: Amanda Owens, Havre 29; 3rd: Tammy Griggs, Marysville 20

50 Yd Offhand Cartridge - Juniors

1st: Clint Owens, Havre 30; 2nd: Travis Huseby, Havre 12

50 Yd X-Sticks

1st: Nick Owens, Helena 47; 2nd: Tom Brown, Havre 45; 3rd: Troy Brugman, Great Falls 41

50 Yd Offhand

1st: Barry Lyons. Havre 42x; 2nd: Tom Brown, Havre 42; 3rd: Pete Huseby, Havre 41

100 Yd Cartridge X-Sticks - Men

1st: Mike Otterberg, Fort Peck 42; 2nd: Kent Morehouse, Glasgow 42; 3rd: Troy Brugman, Great Falls 41

100 Yd Cartridge X-Sticks - Women

1st: Cara Pinder, Glasgow 46x; 2nd: Tina Bender, Great Falls 39; 3rd: Kacie Hipple, Havre 34

100 Yd Cartridge X-Sticks - Juniors

1st: Travis Huseby, Havre 15; 2nd: Wesley Bauer, Helena 6; 3rd: Caleb Huseby, Havre 0


1st: Robert Sparks, Havre 12; 2nd: Scott Somerville, Helena 10; 3rd: Dick Hanson, Havre 10

50 Yd. Pistol

1st: Pete Huseby, Havre 74x; 2nd: Dick Hanson, Havre 69; 3rd: Tom Brown, Havre 65

50 Yd X-Sticks, Dwight Young Memorial

1st: Mike Otterberg, Fort Peck 48xxx; 2nd: Bob Doney, Havre 48x; 3rd: Andy Owens, Havre 48; 4th: Brad Bender, Havre 47x

100 Yd Cartridge Offhand - Men

1st: Troy Brugman, Great Falls 46; 2nd: Tom Brown, Havre, 44X; 3rd: Dick Hanson, Havre, 43X

100 Yd Cartridge Offhand - Women

1st: Amanda Owens, Havre 35; 2nd: Kathy Lynch, Havre 32; 3rd: Cara Pinder, Glasgow 31x

100 Yd Cartridge Offhand - Juniors

1st: Caleb Huseby, Havre 27; 2nd: Travis Huseby, Havre 14

50 Yd Musket

1st: Dick Hanson, Havre 43; 2nd: Pete Huseby, Havre 42; 3rd: Mike Litzinger, Havre 41

50 Yd Women's Offhand

1st: Cara Pinder, Glasgow 41; 2nd: Amy Owens, Helena 37; 3rd: Kathy Lynch, Havre 35

100 Yd X-Sticks

1st: Pete Huseby, Havre 39x; 2nd: Mike Otterberg, Fort Peck 37; 3rd: Kent Morehouse, Glasgow 34

100 Yd Offhand

1st: Kent Morehouse, Glasgow 35; 2nd: Pete Huseby, Havre 33; 3rd: Brad Bender, Havre 32

Pistol Aggregate

Pete Huseby, Havre 161

Women's Aggregate

Cara Pinder, Glasgow 116

Offhand Aggregate

Pete Huseby, Havre 117

Cross Stick Aggregate

Pete Huseby, Havre 81x

Cartridge Aggregate

Men - Kent Morehouse, Glasgow 167

Women - Cara Pinder, Glasgow 148xx

Juniors - Clint Owens, Havre 49

Over All Aggregate - Pete Huseby, Havre 198x

Primitive Aggregate

1st: Brad Bender, Havre 150; 2nd: Tom Brown, Havre 137; 3rd: Robert Sparks, Havre 116; 4th: Mark Hofer, Havre 105; 5th: Randy Root, Havre; 104; 6th: Cliff Plum, Havre 103; 7th: Randy Owens, Havre 100; 8th: Scott Somerville, Helena 95

Long Range Cartridge - OH- 270 Yds.; Pig - 320-Yds.; Turkey - 350-Yds.; Ram - 380-Yds.; Buffalo - 580-Yds.

1st: Don Klinko, Malta - (T-R-B) 3; 2nd: Cameron Griggs, Havre - (P-T-R) 3; 3rd: Pete Huseby, Havre - (OH-T-R) 3; 4th: Tom Griggs, Marysville (R-B) 2; 5th: Alan Dees, Havre (T) 1

Hawk Throw - Adult

1st: Andy Owens, Havre; 2nd: Cameron Griggs, Havre; 3rd: Nick Owens, Helena

Hawk Throw - kids younger than 15

1st: Stryder Owens, Helena; 2nd: Russell Douglas, Marysville; 3rd: Kaehl Owens, Helena

Bonita Griggs Memorial Frying Pan Throw - Ladies

1st: Julie Sparks, Havre 44 ft. 7 in.; 2nd: Amanda Owens, Havre 41 ft. 0 in.; 3rd: Julie Bogden, Fairfield 40 ft. 3 in.

Bonita Griggs Memorial Frying Pan Throw - Seniors

1st: Kemi Velk, Havre 59 ft. 0 in.; 2nd: Kathy Lynch, Havre 42 ft. 3 in.; 3rd: Juanita Morehouse, Glasgow 35 ft. 2 in.

Bonita Griggs Memorial Frying Pan Throw - ages 9-15

1st: Arley Douglas, Marysville 34 ft. 2 in.; 2nd: Berlyn Griggs, Havre 28 ft. 7 in.; 3rd: Kodi Sparks, Havre 27 ft. 5 in.; 4th: Bailey Griggs, Havre 26 ft. 0 in.; 5th: Lexi Sparks, Havre 22 ft. 5 in.

Bonita Griggs Memorial PeeWee Frying Pan Throw - 9 and younger

1st: Hadley Owens, Helena 29 ft. 7 in.; 2nd: Sadie Griggs, Havre 29 ft. 4 in.; 3rd: MacKenzie St. Marks, Havre 18 ft. 5 in.

Pancake Race

Heat #1: Hadley Owens, Helena and Asics Hipple, Havre (1 min. 22 sec.)

Heat #2: Chamene and Vanessa Griggs, Havre (1 min. 56 sec.)

Heat #3: Russell Douglas, Marysville and Wesley Bauer, Helena (2 min. 10 sec.)

Courtesy Bullhook Bottoms Black Powder Club

Fry Pan Race Competition

Fun Matches

X Target: Tom Brown, Havre

Card Shoot: Robert Sparks, Havre

Half Target: Pete Huseby, Havre

Poker Shoot: Lewis Douglas, Marysville

Gopher: Kaeden Litzinger, Havre

High Card Draw: Kent Nordahl, Helena (ace, joker, 9)

Pie Plate: Tom Brown, Havre.


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