Grief Poem - We Heard a Meadowlark


Last updated 7/2/2021 at 7:28am

We grieving folks may read a card; takes us an extra 'mile'.

Each word still holds a special thought, which still brings on a smile.

The precious gift of love 'they' gave, blessed us who did receive.

And in our summers bright sun light, they don't want us to grieve.

But sometimes we so sadly long for all our yesterdays;

Their chats are missed, their kindness, too, and understanding ways.

Sometimes a memory sheds warm light, that "light" shines in the dark;

And eases pain, which flies away, like song of Meadow Lark.

A brightness in our house is gone, a voice so loved, is stilled;

A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled.

It's hard to part with cherished one; dear one, your life flew passed!

We didn't know that time was near, but love for you will last!

God knows how much you're missed, dear one; memories are still the best!

It seems quite strange that those we need, God takes them home to rest.

Bright outlook comes with morning sun as Meadow Larks flew by!

Some deer check our crabapple trees, deer certainly aren't shy!

Some thoughts are prayers - those special times when soul is on its knees.

Lord, hear our prayers as we recall our missing 'loved ones' squeeze.

We think of those who've gone ahead, far off to silent land.

We miss dear ones, we're lonely here; no more they'll hold our hand.

The day will come, we'll meet again on Heaven's distant shore.

Couples will walk holding their hands, peaceful forever more.

And God does care, "Trust ME!" He says(1). He knows just where we are.

Grieving is hard - but God loves us - we are His shining star.

Prairie Winds - June 2021

  (1) 1Peter 5:7 "Cast the whole Care on Him for He cares for you."


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