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Last updated 9/3/2021 at 8:12am

'Twas a gray day, inside and out; sprinkles of rain and tears.

You're missed, dear one; yes, every day, and week, or even years.


We look outside, memories come back of things we used to do.

We traveled some, flew here and there, and visited a zoo!


Remembering, you'd sweep the garage, then wash and wax the car.

Carwash is now a handy place and it's not very far.


It's mowing day, the neighbor guys, B., D. and M. work hard.

Remembering how you did that too; we had a lovely yard.


Grieving is hard, we need some help; a neighbor gal stopped by.

She's grieving too, 'bout different things; sometimes it helps to cry.


Take him/her within Your arms, dear Lord, and cherish him/her with care.

Make up for all he/she suffered here, and all that seemed unfair.


We think of you in silence, dear, and often speak your name,

  But all we have are memories and pictures in a frame.


Your resting place we do visit, put flowers there with care.

But no one knows how our heart aches; we turn and leave you there.


Sadly, you're missed most every day, we try hard not to grieve,

Lord, be with us, give us Your Peace[1], for shortly, earth we'll leave.


Clouds move around, change colors, too; might promise some more rain,

Sometimes the Sun will peep on through, that helps to ease heart pain.


Meanwhile, our life, slowly goes on, then - Blue colors the sky!!

Soon Father God will call us home, and off to Heaven we'll fly.

Aug. 2021 © Prairie Winds

(1) Exodus 33:14 CEV: "The Lord said, 'I will go with you and give you peace.'"


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