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Out Our Way: The Lesson of Ted - Matthew 12:30


Last updated 10/8/2021 at 7:41am

Out our way, working cows is a team effort, especially on those big round up days. We really count on each other to get the job done, and a successful gathering points to that team effort. None of us could do it alone.  

But, now and then, something goes wrong and instead of working together for the common goal, someone goes their own way and ends up working against the goal. A case in point I have often shared is the time someone drove his truck into the herd as we were gathering them. He had gotten the idea of "speeding up" the process of rounding up of the calves and cows by blowing his horn in the midst of these range cows and pushing them faster. Unfortunately all he did was frighten, confuse, and panic the herd, causing a stampede which went off in all directions.  

I thought of that incident today as the birthday of my deceased cousin was being celebrated by friends and family. She was a wonderful person, but we had fallen out when I was ordained because she had been badly burned by one of those TV "prosperity preachers"  who point to their mansions, private jets, and ornate entertainment centers. The sanctuary was now a stage, the congregation was now an audience, and the gospel message was focused on increasing wealth. This was the "Christianity" and "church" that she had come to know.

  I cannot say I am surprised she rejected the whole concept of the church and faith based on that example. I cannot say I am surprised at so many more folks who do the same given the "snake oil" showmen still dominate media and are the only "preachers" many have ever known.

Sadly, it has always been thus. There have always been those who come in the Lord's Name who work against the Kingdom and the real Gospel. Jesus warned us of them. "Who ever is not with me is against Me." 

Well, it is easy enough to point the finger at the guy in the truck scattering the herd, but what about the rest of us? If we just let the herd bolt and don't go after them, are we working for or against the Master? The horn blower preacher may have the advantage of making more noise, but we have the advantage of being closer to the herd. And there are more of us called to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. I can choose to try to live the Gospel and represent Christ in my own limited way. I ain't much, and my voice is weak and my actions slow, but somehow the Gospel is getting through. No one notices the lone cowboy gathering strays when a loud horn is braying from a big truck, but somehow, God can use me anyway. 

Be blessed band be a blessing.

Brother John 


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