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State and local COVID-19 update, Nov. 3, 2021

Hill County Health Department reported Tuesday evening another COVID-19-related death. The department reported that 11 new cases were confirmed, 63 active, 11 active hospitalizations, 3,335 total cases, 64 deaths.

Reconciliation has added another COVID-19-related death to Blaine County’s total. Blaine County Health Department reported Tuesday evening being notified of 24 new cases Monday and Tuesday, 82 active, 1 active hospitalization, 1,427 total cases, 27 deaths.

Rocky Boy reported Tuesday, also reported on either Chouteau or Hill County numbers, 5 new cases, 30 active, 1 active hospitalization, 1,167 total cases. It has had 10 deaths.

Fort Belknap reported Tuesday evening, also reported on either Blaine or Phillips County numbers, 9 new cases, 29 active, no active hospitalizations, 753 total cases, 12 deaths.

Liberty County, reported on the state update this morning, had no new cases, 9 active, 260 total cases, 2 deaths.

Chouteau County, reported on the state update this morning, had 12 new cases, 45 active, 731 total cases, 8 deaths.

The Montana state COVID tracking map after this morning’s update listed 873 new cases, 9,052 active cases, 356 hospitalizations and 2,396 deaths. The cumulative total for the state was 178,980 cases.

People can visit the state tracking map, normally updated between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. each day, online through links at and at .

People can find online where vaccines are available in their area through, operated by Boston’s Children’s Hospital and supported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the United States Digital Service.


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