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It was a great season of youth bowling at Harvest Moon Lanes


Last updated 3/18/2022 at 8:06am

OK, Sunday was the final week of the youth league. I would just like to say I will miss spending time with you all. This was my first year running your league and I wish I would have started along time ago. You are all very special and I hope to see you all next year. Thank you for being the greatest group of kids. Also I would like to thank all of the parents of these kids. Your support and taking care of the scores for me was very much appreciated. Thank you all. Sunday the 20th we will have the awards banquet. It will start at 1:15 p.m. Hope to see you all there.

I have heard a lot of complaints about the 10 pin this year in adult league, including my own complaining. Should have been a strike, Bleep, Bleep, Bleeping 10 pin. And then Sadie Springer complained this week and I couldn’t blame her eight 10 pins in three games, 10 up and 10 still up, that’s right she missed every one. So sorry for your pain, Sades.

OK, now for the week scores.

Sunday Mixers: Stephannie Klein, 193-521. Suener Springer, 192,183-511, Janet Robinson, 484, Kyndra Hall, 174, Cori Winsor, 171-485, Brandy Kurtz, 182, Bill Dougherty, 224, Chris Breum, 187, Chad Springer, 191,194,262-647, Ruben Stewart, 198, Shawn Burrington, 233,208-577, Fred Williams, 189,225-592. High team series, Harvest Moon Lanes, 2787. 1st place, Harvest Moon Lanes.

Women's City: Ali Ward, 179,171,174-524, Terry Wright, 185,178-526, Julie Rodgers, 180,176-530, Maxine Munson, 177-464, Terry Lillevedt. 177, Sadie Springer, 176, Dana Seidel, 176,174-515. High team series, Lelok Travel, 2284. 1st place, Lelok Travel.

Men's City: Cody Thompson,204, Dominic Amato, 214, Chad Springer, 214, Kolton Lodge, 207, Jason McDonald, 216,246-641, Ed Boucher, 205, Spencer Ross, 220, Bobby Wolf, 222, Joe Johnson, 201-572, Harold Powell, 212, Roberet Moomey, 202, Shawn Burrington, 268,210-662, Kendall Holden, 209, Nick Turner, 205,231-599, Kyle Surber, 222,206-576, Paul Jensen, 226,201-576, Jacob Anderson, 203. High team series, Northwest Security, 3196. 1st place, R-New Trading Post.

Thursday Mixers: Brandy Kurtz, 171, Colleen Patera, 195-465, Jacey Kohler, 184-474, Peggy Sage, 177, Robert Kurtz, 177-482, Doug Watson, 182-526, Jason McDonald, 200,204-582, Ryne Antley, 204-544. High team series, Nault Plumbing, 1056. 1st place, Ringing 10.

JR/MJR: Calista Pyrak, 127, Dylan Swinney, 130, Cash Schubert, 142,146-394, Aaron Stortz, 125, Ethan Stortz, 125,151-396, Chase Mariani, 172,139-423. Preps. Maddox Moore, 69,62,74-205, Anthony Marsh, 94,83-230, Kinli Fanning, 73,65-181 Bantams. Lucian Pyrak, 63,81-144, Mila Pyrak, 61,45-106, Gabby Daniels, 53, Parker Richmond, 65, Easton Keller, 48,64-152, Allison Keller, 38, Izzy Marsh, 47,73-120, William Mclean, 64,70-134, Kody Mangis, 34.


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