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Ponies beat the elements, and the competition

Blue Pony tennis teams rack up the wins at the 2022 Havre Invitational


Last updated 4/11/2022 at 7:56am

Devyn Solomon

Havre High senior Caleb Spangler hits a backhand during a Havre Invitational tennis match against Glendive last Friday at the Bill Vaughey Memorial Courts. Spangler and partner Trenton Maloughney won the Havre Invite boys doubles title Saturday.

When it came to the weather, it was a tale of two different days for the Havre High tennis teams in their only home meet 2022. Friday's first day of the Havre Invitational was sunny and warm was the opposite, with cold, wind, and rain and snow mixed in.

Yet, over the 48 hours of tennis played both at the Bill Vaughey Memorial Courts and the courts at MSU-Northern, one thing was consistent, the Blue Ponies won - a lot.

The Havre boys and girls varsity teams were a perfect 6-0 in duals Friday, while in Saturday's tournament, Havre had finalists in every bracket, and won championships in three out of four, prompting HHS head coach George Ferguson to declare the weekend a huge success, in spite of the tough conditions.

"All of our kids played great, from the seniors playing their last home meet to all of our first-year kids; we got exactly what we wanted out of this weekend. I'm really proud of all of our kids. It was a long, tough two days. The weather was crazy, both days. The competition was very good. And our kids did such a great job. It was exactly what we were hoping for out of the Havre Invitational, so I couldn't be happier."

The Havre boys started the big weekend with a 7-0 win over Lewistown, a 6-1 victory over Glendive and a 5-2 win over Hardin Friday. In those duals, senior Kendall Pleninger really stood out in singles. Then, in Saturday's double-elimination tournament, senior Josh Currie won three times to take the boys singles championship, while fellow seniors Trenton Maloughney and Caleb Spangler won tiebreakers in both the semifinals and finals to win the boys doubles. The new duo of Theron Peterson and Carter Spangler also took third in a tough boys doubles draw, while the Ponies also got wins from Jared Rosgaard in singles, and Collin Miller/Conner McKay and Reid Kato/Tre Gary on doubles.

"It was a really good chance this weekend to see where our boys are at," Ferguson said. "Hardin and Glendive are tough, so we found out a lot about ourselves. We know where we need to go from here. But I was really pleased with what I saw. Sweeping the championships was a really nice way to end the weekend, and I'm happy for all our guys. They did great."

"It felt really awesome to be at home," Maloughney said. "Being able to win the Havre Invite on senior day is pretty cool. With the tradition Ferg has with the Havre Invite, it's pretty neat to be able to finish my senior day with a Havre Invite title."

The Havre girls were equally as good over senior weekend.

On Friday, the Ponies defeated Lewistown 5-2, Glendive 5-1 and Hardin 4-3. Chloe Bricker and Kate Hemmer were perfect in singles for the Ponies on Friday, as were Cat Kaftan and Mylee Shennum in doubles.

In Saturday's tournament, Grace Crantz and Courtney Burchard beat senior teammates Claudia Ucin and Lacy Preeshl for the doubles championship, while Rayna Johnson finished an outstanding second in girls singles.

"This was a great two days for our girls team," Ferguson said. "The improvements we have made over the last year really stood out in this tournament, and even improvements from Friday to Saturday. The girls are playing really well, and they're just going to keep getting better and better, and I'm really proud of them.

Crantz, who didn't lose a single match with Burchard over the two days, agreed.

"I think we performed pretty well," Crantz said. "We just kept getting better with today."

And while the Blue Ponies did get better, which was Ferguson's goal all along, there was much more to the weekend then just all the wins they piled up.

"This tournament means a lot," Ferguson said. "It might not be the biggest tournament of the year, but its ours and we're very proud of it. And the kids showed that. They were focused, determined, they played their hearts out, on Saturday, they toughed out the worst weather day we've ever had at this tournament. They just showed how much they care, and as their coach, that means everything. I'm proud of the way they played, but even more proud of the way they carried themselves and represented our program and our school.

"It's cool and sad. The last time playing out here and being with your friends," Spangler said about senior day. "I just remember when I was younger and watching all the seniors do their senior day so it's just a cool thing to experience."

Havre is set to head to the Class A Duals Friday and Saturday in Cut Bank.

Havre Invitational


Girls Singles

1st rd - Overstreet, CB def. Kailne, HAR, 6-4; Dewart, CB def. Hemmer, HAV, 6-1; 2nd rd - Proli, G def. Breidenbach, L, 7-5; Johnson, HAV def. Overstreet, CB, 6-4; Rutten, L def. Dwarf, CB, 6-0; Guptil, HAR def. Bricker, HAV, 6-1; Semifinals - Johnson, HAV def. Proli, G, 6-3; Rutten, L def. Guptil, HAR, 6-2; Championship - Rutten, HAR def. Johnson, HAV, 6-1.

Consolation 1st rd - Dewart, CB def. Kailine, HAR, 6-0; Overstreet, CB def. Hemmer, HAV, 6-4; Consolation 2nd rd - Dewart, CB def. Bricker, HAV, 6-2; Breidenbach, L def. Overstreet, CB, 6-2; Consolation semifinals - Dewart, CB def. Proli, G, 6-4; Guptil, HAR def. Breidenbach, L, 6-3; Consolation Final - Dewart, CB def. Guptil, HAR, 6-5 (3).

Girls Doubles

Simeon/Blackeagle, HAR def. Tinsely/Kinsella, HAV, 6-1; Nissley/Price, G def. Mecklenburg, Carr, L 6-2; Shennum/Kaftan, HAV def. Brown, Lucido, G, 6-3; Ucin/Preeshl, HAV def. Yetterdahl/Dunaway, CB, 6-2; Behl/Stephens, L def. Goodluck/Ramson, HAR, 6-1; Limberhand/Limberhand, HAR def. Meischner/Bertei, CB, 6-1; Knoll/Yarde, G def. Wells/Trafton, CB, 6-1; 2nd rd- Simeon/Blackeagle, HAR def. Nissley/Price, G, 6-0; Ucin/Preeshl, HAV def. Kaftan/Shennum, HAV, 6-2; Crantz/Burchard, HAV def. Behl/Stephens, L, 6-0; Limberhand/Limberhand, HAR def. Knoll/Yarde, G, 6-1; Semifinals - Ucin/Preeshl, HAV def. Simeon/Blackeagle, HAR, 6-1; Crantz/Burchard, HAV, def. Limberhand/Limberhand, HAV, 6-3; Championship - Crantz/Burchard, HAV def. Ucin/Preeshl, HAV, 6-1.

Consolation - 1st rd - Mecklenburg/Carr, L def. Tinsley/Kinsella, HAV, 6-3; Yetterdahl/Dunaway, CB def. Brown/Lucido, G, 6-4; Meischner/Bertei, CB def. Wells/Trafton, CB, 6-2; Consolation 2nd rd - Mecklenburg/Carr, L def. Knoll/Yarde, G, 6-2; Yetterdahl/Dunaway, CB def. Behl/Stephens, G, 6-2; Shennum/Kaftan, HAV def. Goodluck/Ramos, HAR, 6-2; Bertei/Meischner, CB, def. Nissley/Price, G, 6-2; Consolation 3rd rd - Yetterdahl/Dunaway, CB def. Mecklenburg/Carr, L, 6-1; Shennum/Kaftan, HAV def. Bertei/Meischner, CB, 6-2; Consolation Semifinals - Yetterdahl/Dunaway, CB def. Simeon/Blackeagle, HAR, 6-5 (5); Limberhand/Limberhand, HAR def. Shennum/Kaftan, HAV, 6-5 (2); Consolation Final - Limberhand/Limberhand, HAR.

Boys Singles

1st rd - St. Goddard, CB def. Hoots, L, 6-3; Rosgaard, HAV def. Ricks, L, 6-1; 2nd rd - Currie, HAV def. Jarvis, G, 6-0; Noteboom, HAR, def. St. Goddard, CB, 6-0; Dwarf, CB def. Rosgaard, HAV, 6-3; Staiger, G def. Wells, HAR, 6-4; Semifinals - Currie, HAV def. Noteboom, HAR, 6-1; Staiger, G def. Dewart, CB, 6-3; Championship - Currie, HAV def. Staiger, G, 6-4.

Consolation 1st rd - Rosgaard, HAV def. Hoots, L, 6-1; St. Goddard, CB def. Ricks, L, 6-1; Consolation 2nd rd - Wells, HAR def. Rosgaard, HAV, 6-4; Jarvis, G def. St. Goddard, CB, 6-3; Consolation semifinals - Wells, HAR inj. Def. Noteboom, HAR; Dewart, CB def. Jarvis, G, 6-4; Consolation final - Dewart, CB def. Wells, HAR, 6-3.

Boys Doubles

1st rd - Li/Jacobsen, G def. Pleninger/Hall, HAV, 6-2; Gray/Burke, CB def. Kato/Gary, HAV, 6-2; Peterson/Spangler, HAV def. Fornall/Torgeson, G, 6-0; Miller/McKay, HAV def. Amsler/Carney, G, 6-4; 2nd rd - Maloughney/Spangler, HAV def. Berkram/Bird, CB, 6-0; Boyer/Boyer, HAR def. Li/Jacobsen, HAR, 6-1; Peterson/Spangler, HAV def. Burke/Gray, CB, 6-4; Blankenship/Mehling, HAR def. Miller/McKay, HAV, 6-1; Semifinals - Spangler/Malughney, HAV def. Boyer/Boyer, HAR, 6-5 (3); Blankenship/Mehling, HAR def. Peterson/Spangler, HAV, 6-3; Championship - Spangler/Maloughney, HAV def. Blankenship/Mehling, HAR, 6-5 (3).

Consolation 1st rd - Kato/Gary, HAV def. Fornall/Torgeson, G, 6-1; Consolation 2nd rd - Burke/Gray, CB def. Pleninger/Hall, HAV, 6-2; Li/Jacobsen, G def. Kato/Gary, HAV, 6-1; Berkram/Bird, CB def. Amsler/Carney, G, 6-3; Consolation 3rd rd - Burke/Gray, CB def. Miller/McKay, HAV, 6-2; Li/Jacobsen, G def. Berkram/Bird, CB, 6-1; Consolation semifinals - Boyer/Boyer, HAR def. Burke/Gray, CB, 6-5 (5); Peterson/Spangler, HAV def. Li/Jacobsen, G, 6-2; Consolation Final - Peterson/Spangler, HAV def. Boyer/Boyer, HAR, 6-1.

MSU-Northern Courts


T. Hemmer, HAV def. Dempsey, CB, 6-2; Ralph, HAV def. Sees The Ground, HAR, 6-0; Plagenz, L def. Leinwand, HAV, 6-1; Picolo, L def. Ogden, HAV, 6-4; Golie, HAV def. CB, 6-0; Vizcarra, HAR def. Blinerwitz, HAV, 6-2; Herring, HAV def. Morse, HAV, 6-0; Chandler, HAV def. Dempsey, CB, 6-3; Plagenz, L def. T. Hemmer, HAV, 6-2; Ralph, HAV def. :Picolo, L, 6-3; Sees The Ground, HAR def. CB, 6-4; Leinwand, HAV def. Dempsey, CB, 6-2; Plagenz, LEW def. Ogden, HAV, 6-0; Blinwewrnitz, HAV def. Golie, HAV, 6-3; Vizcarra, HAR def. Morse, HAV, 6-0; Plagenz, L def. Sees The Ground, HAR, 6-0; Picolo, L def. Chandler, HAV, 6-1; T. Hemmer, HAV def. Vizcarra, HAR, 6-5 (5); Herring, HAV def. Dempsey, CB, 6-3.


Huse, HAV def. Billin, HAR, 6-3; Black, CB def. Baker, HAR, 6-4; Stoner, HAV def. Bogar, G, 6-2; Kinsella, HAV def. Rodrigues, HAV, 6-1; Gohr, CB def. Chapman, HAV, 6-5 (4); Wade, G def. Tilleman, HAV, 6-2; Stoner, HAV def. Preputin, HAV, 6-0; Black, CB def. Billin, HAR, 6-4; Gohr, CB def. Huse, HAV, 6-4; Bogar, HAV def. Baker, HAR, 6-3; Wade, G def. Cammon, HAV, 6-1; Gohr, CB def. Stoner, HAV, 6-2; Kinsella, HAV def. Billin, HAR, 6-2; Bogar, G def. Chapman, HAV, 6-0; Tilleman, HAV def. Rodrigues, HAV, 6-4; Black, CB def. Kinsella, HAV, 6-4; Wade, G def. Preputin, HAV, 6-0; Huse, HAV def. Black, CB, 6-1; Billin, HAR def. Cammon, HAV, 6-2; Stoner, HAV def. Baker, HAR, 6-3.



Havre 7, Lewistown 0


Josh Currie, H def. Carter Ricks, L, 8-0; Jared Rosgaard, H def. Zack Hoots, L, 8-1. Kendall Pleninger, H won by fft; Gavin Hall, H won by fft.


Trenton Maloughney/Caleb Spangler, H won by fft; Theron Peterson/Carter Spangler, H won by fft; Collin Miller/Conner McKay won by fft; lost to Hoots/Ricks, 6-3.

Havre 6, Glendive 1


Josh Currie, H def. Carson Staiger, G, 8-2; Austin Jacobsen, G def. Jared Rosgaard, 8-3; Kendall Pleninger, H def. Conner Torgeson, G, 8-0; Gavin Hall, H def. Branson Fornall, G, 8-1.


Trenton Maloughney/Caleb Spangler, H def. Jay Li/Tristen Jarvis, G, 8-1; Theron Peterson/Carter Spangler, H def. Ryan Carner/Carter Amsler, 8-2; Collin Miller/Conner McKay, H def. Carson Bogar/Jacob Wade, G, 8-2.

Havre 5, Hardin 2


Josh Currie, H def. Brock Boyer, HAR, 6-0, 6-0; Chase Wells, HAR def. Jared Rosgaard, H, 5-7, 6-4, 10-8; Kendall Pleninger, H def. Kaden Billin, HAR, 8-0; Gavin Hall, H def. Jack Baker, HAR, 8-4.


Jameson Noteboom/Sean Mehling, HAR def. Trenton Maloughney/Caleb Spangler, HAV, 5-7, 6-4, 10-8; Theron Peterson/Carter Spangler, HAV def. Derek Blankenship/Brandt Boyer, HAR, 7-5, 6-2; Collin Miller/Conner McKay, H def. Baker/Billin, HAR, 8-1.


Havre 5, Lewistown 2


Skylar Rutten, L def. Rayna Johnson, H, 8-1; Chloe Bricker, H def. Lexi Breidenbach, L, 8-3; Kate Hemmer, H def. Lauren Plagenz, L, 8-0; Eduarda Picolo, L won by fft.


Grace Crantz/Courtney Burchard, H def. Brooke Behl/Taya Stephens, L, 8-2; Mylee Shennum/Cat Kaftan, H def. Izzie Mecklenburgh/Laurel Carr, L, 8-5; Claudia Ucin, Lacy Preeshl, H won by fft, won exhibition 7-5.

Havre 5, Glendive 1


Devyn Solomon

Havre High senior Grace Crantz hits a backhand during Friday's Havre Invitational tennis tournament.

Carolina Proli, G def. Rayna Johnson, 8-4; Chloe Bricker, H def. Keisha Yarde, G, 8-2; Kate Hemmer, H def. Milia Lucido, G, 8-0.


Grace Crantz/Courtney Burchard, H def. Piper Knoll/Keisha Yarde, 8-1; Mylee Shennum/Cat Kaftan, H def. Jess Price/Jenna Brown, G, 8-4; Claudia Ucin/Lacy Preeshl, H won by fft, won exhibition match 8-2.

Havre 4, Hardin 3


Avery Schubert, HAR def. Rayna Johnson, H 6-0, 6-1; O'Reilly Black Eagle, HAR def. Chloe Bricker, H, 6-4, 6-2; Kate Hemmer, H def. Rique Simeon, HAR, 8-7 (6); Tonya Ralph, H def. Betty Limberhand, HAR, 6-4.


Guptil/Don't Mix, HAR def. Grace Crantz, Courtney Burchard, H, 5-7, 6-4, 10-8; Mylee Shennum/Kat Kaftan, H def. Ramos/Black Eagle, 8-2; Claudia Ucin/Lacy Preeshl, H def. Vicarra/Goodluck, 8-5.


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