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Grief Poem - Heaven's Ahead


Last updated 6/3/2022 at 2:43pm

Another friend flew off last week, to be with You, dear Lord.

When our turn comes, we'll fly off, too, NOT take our Bus or FORD.

A split second, that's all it took, our loved one flew away.

We weren't right there:  a wink - a blink; they left without delay.


First one they saw was You, dear Lord, You're right by Heaven's door!

No thoughts about tomorrow there - they're with You ever more!


While God makes us in Mamma's womb, we've not a clue 'bout birth!

But once we're born, there's much to learn - for God created earth.


Likewise, while here, we've not a clue how Heaven's scenes may look!

But hold on tight, we have a clue - some hints in Holy Book!


Streets are of gold - that's what we're told - there's more 'we' want to learn!

A death some had but they came back, and can't wait to return.


And while down here we've work to do, prayers are God's greatest gift.

We're to carry others burdens, and friends to God, we lift.


Creation is in our full view, whichever way we look!

The clouds and trees, flowers and hills, and lovely babbling brook.


Or see neighbors tending their yards, add flowers by their walk.

Robins and Doves fly back and forth - we always hear them squawk.


Miss Butterfly likes pink flowers; she flutters here and there.

This day is beautiful for sure, it's one we'd like to share.


There's no T.V. or telescope, no special picture book;

So, what does heaven look like, dear? We'd like to take a look.


From womb to earth, so glorious; then off to heaven above.

When our time's up, then off we'll fly, surrounded by God's love.


If God's creation is so great[1], then what can Heaven be?

Our loved one's there, our turn will come, then glory we shall see.

Prairie Winds - May 2022

(1) Psalm 145:5(ESV) "On the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and on Your wondrous works, I will meditate."


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