Letter to the Editor - Please vote


Last updated 6/3/2022 at 2:45pm


If your candidate, or the candidates’ party, questions election integrity, including our local level officials, they are sending us voters a message. What that exact message’s is unclear, but it is meant to place doubt in our form of government.

It might be “we know what happened last time, but we’re not telling” (wink-wink) or “don’t bother voting, it will be changed anyway,” or “if we lose it’s because we were cheated,” or whatever. After mentioning it, these candidates, all from the same party, (hint — they like pachyderms) don’t elaborate or, of course, bring up facts to back their statements.

When I hear that fraud claim from these candidates, I just reach over to the other party, and vote for the candidates that are fighting for voting rights and for our democracy. That’s the only responsible and reasonable thing to do.

Please vote and thank you.

Bill Hilliard



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